1972 Porsche 911T Targa 5-speed manual PROJECT, complete – “Oelklappe” - Collector Car Canada
1972 Porsche 911T Targa 5-speed manual PROJECT, complete – “Oelklappe”


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1972 Porsche 911T Targa 5-speed manual PROJECT, complete – “Oelklappe”


Here is the perfect candidate for the Porsche aficionado looking for a project to ride the wave of air-cooled 911 value appreciation.  This is a 1972 Porsche 911T Targa needing restoration, though all parts are included with the sale and the only rust to be found is minor surface rust.  While the terms of this sale are “as is, where is”, the owner will make himself available at delivery for the buyer to go through all of the parts to ensure completeness.


CCC Vital Info – 1972 Porsche 911T Targa 5-speed manual PROJECT, complete – “Oelklappe”

Lot – 042
Seller – whaletail (Private)
Seller location – Waterloo, On N2J 
VIN – (to be added)
Odometer – TMU
Engine Info – 2.4L flat-6  Type 911/51
Transmission Info – 5-speed manual
Exterior Colour – Sepia Brown
Interior Colour – Brown
Other features – Needs restoration
Category – German
Hagerty.ca Valuation, for when project is complete (#3 – #2):  $89,100 – $118,000
Model page

Carfax N/A for pre-1981 model year vehicle

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CCC Back Lot price $34,990 + Buyer Premium of 4.99% (Taxable)

As seen in the gallery, almost all of the small parts are in labelled Ziploc bags.  The seller’s business is a well-known Porsche parts supplier and in the unlikely case where the buyer might find something to be missing on delivery day, spares are available on his parts shop shelves to further ensure completeness.  Seller has owned this 911 for ten years, it having come from Cleveland, Ohio, and has decided that he is not suited for the project at this time – given that he has two complete air-cooled 911s to enjoy.


The 1972 E-series is known among enthusiasts as the only model year where the 911 used an oil filler door in the body, “oelklappe” in German.  It is also the second-last year of the long hood Carrera, another sought-after feature by the Porschephile.  This refers to a shortening of the hood in subsequent years attributable to accommodating bumper impact standards.  The car comes with a 1972 2.4L 911T engine, 2341 cc to be precise, and transmission – both uninstalled and both photographed in the gallery.  This U.S.-market engine, Type 911/51 coded, employs Bosch mechanical fuel injection, unlike the carbureted 911T produced for ROW (rest-of-world), and produced 157 horsepower when new.  At the curb weight of approximately 2300 lbs. this power output made the 911T far from lazy.

As described above, the restorer of this example is starting with a car that is all but free of surface rust and a body ready to be painted with very little prep work.  A close review of the photos shows that the rear floor and front passenger footwell on the interior have been prepped, entire floor is original.  It should be noted that although the fenders photographed are aftermarket and constructed of fibreglass, the seller is including a set of metal fenders with this sale.  Original colour of the car is Sepia Brown.  Wheels installed on the car (phone dials) are not those included.  The 14” Fuchs wheels photographed uninstalled in the gallery come with the car.

There is a new, uninstalled windshield with the car, as pictured resting in place.  The seats are upholstered in brown though given some tears along the seams, the new owner may opt for re-covering, especially if he wants to get it to Concours condition – currently quoted at $174,000 by Hagerty.ca.  Again, the car is complete so all parts to finish the interior are on hand and included.

This 1972 Porsche 911T Targa 5-speed manual PROJECT is available from a well-known Porsche parts supplier in Waterloo, Ontario.

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