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2021 05 15 CCC Featured External Listing – 2001 BMW M3 6-speed manual

2021 05 15 CCC Featured External Listing

2001 BMW M3 6-speed manual

M-Series.  To the BMW aficionado, it needs no introduction.  Almost every body style BMW offers is available in an M-Series, for the (extreme) performance-oriented.  Although there are smaller today, the 3-series is most people’s idea of an entry-level BMW.  And there is something to that.  But there is nothing entry-level about an M3.

CCC Vital Info

Odometer – 230,000 km
Engine Info – 3.2L inline-six cylinder
Transmission Info – 6-speed manual
Exterior Colour – Grey
Interior Colour – Black leather
Other features – Extensive modifications, Power sunroof, power group, Factory wheels (not photographed)
Seller – Private
Category – German
Model page

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The E46 body style was offered from 1998 – 2006 and had a highly successful run.  It followed the E30 and E36 iterations of the 3-series and preceded E9X and F3X.  In today’s market, it holds a bit of a sweet spot at the trough of its depreciation curve.  Some owners figure holding on to the special ones – M3; 330i coupe – especially with the ZHP package with 10 more ponies and other nice goodies; maybe even 330i convertible – will bring a nice financial return down the road.

This 2001 presents well.   The aftermarket wheels may not be for everyone but that is to the next owner’s benefit if he is such a person; the original wheels are included in the sale and, though somewhat unclear in the ad’s text, it seems those photographed are not.  This ride sports an inline-6-cylinder engine – BMW made this layout famous – mated to a 6-speed manual transmission.

From the factory, the 3.2 boasted 333 HP and 262 lb.-ft. of torque.  To our disappointment, it is not included in the photographs.  The silky smooth 6-speed stick makes rowing through the gears a sublime experience.  The car has travelled 229,000 km but when well maintained, these cars have plenty of life beyond such a milepost.

A review of the ad’s photos illustrates many of the M3’s steps up from the conventional E46s.  Highlights include twin dual exhaust pipes surrounded by rear splitter, rear spoiler integrated into the trunk lid, fender vents and badging, three-spoke M steering wheel and sport seats (complemented by eye-catching aftermarket red seat belts and red door handle straps).  It would have been delivered originally with an M-adorned shift knob but this has been replaced by quite a beefy aftermarket number.  Handbrake handle has also been changed from OEM.

Other features this car boasts which are not uncommon to any E46 are a power sunroof, power group, AM/FM/CD, factory alarm, stability control and leather – though shoppers for lower price point 3-series cars should note that many are equipped with leatherette.

The seller of this vehicle seems an organized enthusiast.  One of the images in the listing is a detailed listing of modifications as well as recent maintenance.  We at Collector Car Canada are both official languages-friendly but please note some of the worksheet is written in French, though google translate is an easy place to get translations to English.

We note both a dealer logo and the mention of a private sale.  This presumably is meant to reflect that this is a consignment sale.

Find this 2001 M3 for $23,991 on Auto Hebdo and in Quebec City.  Thanks to CCC original member Alex for submitting it.  Know of one we’d like?  Please submit it toward the bottom of this page Submit item for a featured external listing

Please share your comments below, be they on the topic of this car and its mods, M-series cars as a whole, how BMWs compare generally to their rivals like Mercedes and Audi or some of your other favourites.

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