2021 05 20 CCC Featured External Listing - 1988 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet 5-speed manual - Collector Car Canada


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2021 05 20 CCC Featured External Listing – 1988 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet 5-speed manual

2021 05 20 CCC Featured External Listing

1988 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet 5-speed manual



Ferrari is a legend in the collectible market and values have surged in recent years.  The Mondial is generally accepted as starter-set territory though this example looks to be in a condition well beyond the ground floor.  In rosso (Italian for red) with tan interior and gated manual shifter, this example has some of the best that the Mondial marque has to offer, acknowledging that the model is not top-of-the-Ferrari-line in its era.  That distinction was reserved for its Halo car, the F40 and Mondial big brother Testarossa (which translates to redhead, in its own right).




CCC Vital Info

Odometer – 58,000 km
Engine Info – midship mounted 3.2L V8
Transmission Info – 5-speed manual
Exterior Colour – Red
Interior Colour – Tan
Other features – Connolly leather, Gated shifter, Extensive recent maintenance
Seller – Private
Category – European
Model page
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Being that it played second (or lower) fiddle to other models in the Prancing Horse lineup, over the years the Mondial sometimes had to fight for respect.  The situation was not unlike Porsche’s 914 and 928, and similar to the way time looks on those models from Stuttgart, collectors are now placing it on its rightful pedestal considering the family lineage.  Values have appreciated and one of our people now regrets not picking one up for about half the price of this one a mere four years ago.
The example at hand looks to have many of the boxes ticked:  standout cosmetic presentation inside and out, the “go-to” Ferrari colours, tidy engine compartment, fairly low mileage at 58,000 km, recent extensive maintenance and an owner who presents as fastidious.  The ad (and vanity plates) make the point that this is a Ferrari that can be owned by a collector who is a family man.
Let us just say the family should not exceed four, two of whom can not be fully-grown.  One thing we will acknowledge about those back seats, beautifully trimmed in Connolly leather:  mid-engined cars housing more than front buckets are a rare breed indeed.  In that clean compartment is a 270-horsepower V8 engine displacing 3.2 litres, the gates of that manual shifter navigate into the five forward gears.
This Mondial looks to be remarkably original for a 31-year-old chariot.  There is no mention of any paint or body work so this is worth asking.  We drool over a finish like this on a collector car if it was applied at the factory.  The seats also exhibit few signs of wear.  The black soft top and the parade boot to cover it in the down position show nicely in the photos – again, we would be interested in whether or not these items are original.
The seller makes the excellent point that this is the last model year of Mondial whose service can be performed without removing its engine.  In 1989, the Mondial T arrived and engine-out service became the way of the Mondial world.  Review work orders, of course, but the seller advises that the following items have recently been completed – major service including timing belt, water pump, gaskets; extensive new suspension parts; clutch with bearings and seals; brakes beyond simple pads; plugs/wires, flywheel and electrical overhaul.
Owner’s mention of the exorcism of electrical gremlins makes our cheque-signing hand a little shaky.  He also discloses the name of the shops that did the work to yield further peace of mind.
Overall, we like the package we see here and think this specimen is worth a closer look.  Find it in Woodstock, about a half-hour’s drive at the speed limit from London, On, on Auto Trader at a price of $64,900.
Thank you to CCC member Joshua G. for submitting this.

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