2021 05 21 CCC Featured External Listing - 1988 Porsche 928S4 - Collector Car Canada


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2021 05 21 CCC Featured External Listing – 1988 Porsche 928S4

2021 05 21 CCC Featured External Listing

1988 Porsche 928S4



Porsche – There is no substitute.

In the early 1970s, management in Stuttgart was feeling pressured to modernize and move on from air-cooled models.  The 911, while a success, was looked upon as yesterday’s technology after succeeding the 356 – a great sports car but without the power to earn the title in modern times and the 914 was in the middle of its short and unexceptional run as the entry-level P-car.  Enter the 928, a water-cooled front-engined V8 GT employing a transaxle set-up and a definite step away from the air-cooled and much more compact tradition.




CCC Vital Info

Odometer – 53,000 miles
Engine Info – front-mounted 5.0L V8
Transmission Info – 4-speed automatic
Exterior Colour – Black
Interior Colour – Black
Other features – Original Blaupunkt head unit, original wheels with chrome refinishing, Extensive recent maintenance
Seller – Dealer
Category – European
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On its introduction, the 928 earned its share of awards, including European Car of the Year in 1978 as awarded by a collective of European auto periodicals.  The expectation from Porsche itself was that this car would replace the 911.  Market preferences and a changing of the guard in the C-suite at Porsche changed the plan.  The 911 was not going to be forgotten; as most readers know, the current 992 retains its legendary status and being related to the 911 left the 928 in a precarious position; its sales and aftermarket value suffered.
This all seems forgotten today as the market knows there can be no denying the excellence and ahead-of-its-time nature of the 928.  Its run was from 1977 – 1995 and, while there are some models more collectible than others, nice examples from any model year demand a strong value today.

The copy at hand is the second year of the S4, the only major – relatively speaking – redesign in the 19-year run of the 928.  Obvious exterior styling cues of the S4 and later cars are a rounded front bumper cover integrating unbracketed fog lights, wide slatted tail lights and a raised rear wing allowing air to travel between it and the body of the car.  Online rumours about transmissions abound but it seems clear that manual transmission cars are more difficult to find today.  This car fits the CCC understanding, it gets the 316 horsepower from the 5.0L V8 to the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic.

Condition of this car appears particularly good, even for a car with a low 53,000 miles.  The seller has done a fairly good job of photographing the interior, which shows off only lightly-worn 12-way power seats, clean carpets, tidy console and intact dashboard.  Exterior finish also shows well, a little more difficult for black than many other colours  At least from what we can see, there are no photos of the right side of the car.  We would also like to know if the paint is original.

This is not a Canadian market car, likely US, which some Canadians aren’t crazy about.  Note that the speedometer is in miles per hour, the odometer is in miles, the HVAC temperature settings are in Fahrenheit, the “UNLEADED FUEL ONLY” sticker in the window above the fuel door is not bilingual English/French.  Being that it is an ’88, the miles odometer is easier to see.  Beginning in 1989, the 928 came with an on-board computer, a component of which was a digital odometer.  So, the odometer on an ‘89+ can not be read without the key in the “on” position.  While this piece presents as a fairly original car (we even spotted the original Blaupunkt RENO head unti), the one item which stands out as non-original is the finish on the wheels.  This chrome look was very popular a couple of decades ago and getting the staggered 16” manholes (as these factory wheels are called; Schachtdeckel in German) back to the original anodized look should not take more than a few hundred bucks with a reputable refinisher.

Otherwise, there should not be too much money to spend on this car at the outset.  Seller claims to have spent $25,000 in the past year to bring it right.  That is a pretty big chunk of the asking price.  If inquiring on this sporty little number, we would like to know where the money was spent.  Critical on this car are the timing belt – yes, it is an interference engine – and water pump.  The claimed $25K is a LOT so it would be interesting to know where the other $20K+ was spent.  For one thing, we are expecting ice-cold air conditioning.
Find this 1988 Porsche 928S4 in Burnaby, British Columbia for $43,000 on Auto Trader.

Thank you to Bernie D. for tipping us off on this ad.

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