2021 06 06 CCC Featured External Listing - 1966 Ford Thunderbird - Collector Car Canada


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2021 06 06 CCC Featured External Listing – 1966 Ford Thunderbird

2021 06 06 CCC Featured External Listing 

1966 Ford Thunderbird

This 1966 Ford Thunderbird is the last model year of the fourth generation of T-bird.  It is a white on black example with an extensive list of recent repairs and maintenance.  Engine is a 390 cubic inch V8 that produced 315 horsepower when it rolled out of the factory.  The air cleaner shows the name Edelbrock prominently displayed, a sure sign of period Detroit muscle.  A robust three-speed automatic transmits power to the rear wheels.

CCC Vital Info – 1966 Ford Thunderbird

Odometer – 38,000 milles – TMU
Engine Info – V8
Transmission Info – 3-speed automatic
Exterior Colour – White
Interior Colour – Black
Other features – Extensive recent repairs and maintenance
Seller – Private
Model page
Note – For CCC live auctions, this space also includes:  VIN, a map link to seller location; a link to a Carfax report and a lot number.

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Interesting details from the fourth-gen T-bird include sequential rear indicators, arguably made famous by another Ford Motor Company product of the era, the Mercury Cougar, which began production in the following model year – by which time the fifth generation Ford Thunderbird was in production.  Front disc brakes were a breakthrough, starting with the 1965 model.


Although the last year of the generation, the egg-crate style grill was new for ’66.  It came with the large Thunderbird emblem and was stacked on top of the blade-style bumper.  On the back end, the taillights extended pretty much the entire width of the rear, just above a rear bumper heavy on the chrome.



Seller provides a list of recent work on the car, including: gearbox overhaul, suspension, brakes, new carburetor, new battery, tail light overhaul, whitewall tires, interior, whitewall tires and vinyl roof.  Keeping the cabin looking period-correct, the USB inputs and AUX input are hidden from view.  On the other hand, seller notes that the car has not been driven in over a year, though he does report dry storage sheltered from the elements.  Seller also suggests a change of all fluids.



White paint looks clean in the photos, with a consistent finish.  Chrome fender accents present as well-fitted.  Several emblems are also photographed, the most prominent of which is the big T-bird centred on the grille.  All chrome photographed retains a bright shine, without any evidence of weathering or pitting.  Black wheels are dressed up by bright beauty rings.



The interior also presents well.  From the captain’s chair, a wide diameter two-spoke steering wheel and column shifter front a sweeping 120 mph speedometer.  Each door features two window cranks, synonymous with the vent windows in place, well-loved in this car’s era.  No tears are perforations are noted on the black upholstery.  The wraparound-style two rear seats, in fact, appear barely ever used and are appointed with a centre arm rest.


The most eye-catching feature under the hood is the Edelbrock air cleaner.  Seller notes that this would disqualify the car from using Collector plates in its current home of British Columbia.  Swapping in a stock unit should be a simple endeavour, however, if that is what the next owner needs.  It is not the only non-stock item under the hood, meriting further investigation, thought he spark plug wires do look fresh.


Find this ’66 T-bird in White Rock, British Columbia on Craigslist for $11, 995.

Thanks to CCC friend Bill for suggesting we profile this external ad.

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