2021 07 06 Featured External Listing - 2006 Porsche 911 997 S 6-speed manual - Collector Car Canada


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2021 07 06 Featured External Listing – 2006 Porsche 911 997 S 6-speed manual

2021 07 06 CCC Featured External Listing 2006 Porsche 911 997 S 6-speed manual

CCC Vital Info – 2006 Porsche 911 997 S 6-speed manual

Odometer – 45,000 km
Engine Info – 3.8L flat-six cylinder, rear-mounted
Transmission Info – 6-speed manual
Exterior Colour – Arctic silver
Interior Colour – Black
Other features –  BOSE stereo, Sport Chrono package, 19″ Turbo wheels, Factory short shifter
Seller – Private
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This 2006 Porsche 911 997 S 6-speed manual is offered in Arctic silver with a black leather interior.  It is a US car, as mentioned in the ad and clear from the analog speedometer.  Given that there is a range of 200 mph covering approximately 180 degrees on the mph metering on the analog speedo, we figure most will use the redundant digital gauge to check on speed.  Make no mistake, though – in true Porsche fashion, it is the tachometer – not the speedometer – occupying the central position beyond the steering wheel from the driver’s vantage point.  It happens to be the location for the digital speedo, as well.


Seller of the car discloses that he has owned the car four years, having bought from a Porsche franchise dealer in Alberta.  He does not mention how many of the 45,000 km currently on the clock but, regardless, this is a low-mileage example


The “S” model of the 997.1 has a “bump-up” in displacement to 3.8L (base period Carrera has 3.6L engine) and horsepower, to what the owner mentions as 355 (we think it might be higher, base checked in at 340).  No engine photos in the ad, a cryin’ shame.  The car is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, this 997 is rear-drive.



Seller claims extensive maintenance was done by the dealer just before his purchase in 2017.  While it is a comprehensive and beneficial list, it is aging, quoting from the ad:

  • new tires
  • new clutch
  • rear main seal
  • new OEM battery
  • inspection of IMS bearing, with re-greasing and sealing of the bearing

Given the reputation of the (vast minority of) period IMS bearings to cause catastrophic engine failure with little notice, we are not sure about the IMS inspection.  Perhaps readers with mechanical knowledge and experience can make use of the Comments section, below, to set us straight.  Maintenance on the seller’s ticket has been limited to oil changes and changing the susceptible-to-wear fan control switches.  The remainder of the switches look good in terms of wear, certainly better than many we have seen.

The option list for the car is impressive, filled with functional goodies:  upgraded stereo (by BOSE), steering wheel with accessories controls, Turbo wheels and factory short shifter.  Seller has added an aftermarket Bluetooth solution.

Find this 2006 Porsche 911 997 S 6-speed manual in Vancouver on Craigslist for $72,000.  Thanks to West Coast CCC subscriber Marje for submitting this one.

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