2021 07 18 Featured External Listing - 1973 Dodge Charger with 440 c.i. V8 - Collector Car Canada
2021 07 18 Featured External Listing – 1973 Dodge Charger with 440 c.i. V8

2021 07 18 CCC Featured External Listing Dodge Charger with 440 c.i. V8

The ad for this Dodge Charger 440 is not detailed or particularly well-written but the car itself and what is under the hood catch our attention.  It is not the most well-known of muscle car era Chargers – that distinction belongs to the 1968-1970 of Dukes of Hazzard fame (Bo and Luke outran Roscoe P. Coltrane in a 1969) – but it is the 440 V8 that continued into the post-1970 Mopars, which have an appearance of less grandeur, that makes this car interesting.  The next generation was basically a Dodge-badged Chrysler Cordoba, which began a forgettable run for the model name until reintroduction as a four-door sedan in model year 2006, with optional Hemi engine.

CCC Vital Info – 1973 Dodge Charger with 440 V8

Odometer – TMU
Engine Info – 440 c.i. V8
Transmission Info – 3-speed automatic
Exterior Colour – Yellow
Interior Colour – Black
Other features –  Ducktail spoiler, Chrome wheels, Power windows
Seller – Private
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The Chrysler B-platform changes in 1971 were mostly brought on by the tighter emissions and safety environments of the time.  The split grille and exposed headlights were conspicuous departures from the look of the 1970 cars.  The fastback rear windows and ducktail-style spoiler out back were also new for the third generation, same for the quarter rear windows.  This third generation saw a surge in sales, if for no other reason than Dodge retired the Coronet – leaving its customers without one fewer choice in mid-size coupes.



This car is finished in yellow, with black racing stripes which hint at the period of manufacture for this Mopar.  The roof is also black while the chrome wheels are another period-correct feature.




The interior appears to be modified beyond the fuzzy dice hanging from the rear-view mirror.  The steering wheel and shifter look to be aftermarket items.  The power window switches are a sign of a well-optioned car but the holes left in the door cards, surely a holdover of speakers from a bygone era, are a little off-putting.  However, all of this can be reversed without too much work.  We also notice seat covers, which might be a sinister bellwether for upholstery on the front buckets.


The 440 itself is the centrepiece.  This cubic inch measurement converts to a 7.2 litre displacement in the more widely used Metric system today.  These 440s are often referred to as “wedge engines” because of the shape of the combustion chambers, wedge-shaped.  This shape is distinct from the famous Hemi engines, whose combustion chambers are hemispherically-shaped.  In 1973, the 440 was rated at 280 horsepower.  The ad reads “numbers matching” which should mean that the original engine is in the car today but we aren’t sure about this and would definitely ask about this key attribute.



Our take on this piece is that it could be a diamond in the rough.  A little scruffy under the hood and inside but made much more presentable without a complete overhaul.  Find it in Ottawa on Kijiji for $20,000.

Thanks to CCC member Roger for tipping us off on this one.


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