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2021 10 23 Featured External Listing – 1982 Porsche 911 SC Coupe 5-speed manual

2021 10 23 CCC Featured External Listing – 1982 Porsche 911 SC Coupe 5-speed manual


With today’s event co-hosted by Collector Car Canada at a Porsche specialty shop in Oakville, On, here is an air-cooled Porsche as a featured external listing.  It is a 1982 Porsche 911 SC Coupe 5-speed manual, SC stood for “Super Carrera” and denotes a narrow body model.  The original powerplant is still in place, has powered the car some 93,000 miles and at 3.0 litres was the first non-turbo 911 to crack the 200 horsepower barrier.  Beginning in 1981, the primarily aluminum 3.0 was good for 201 horsepower.



CCC Vital Info – 1982 Porsche 911 SC Coupe 5-speed manual

Odometer – 93,000 miles 
Engine Info – 3.0 litre flat-six cylinder, rear-mounted 201 HP
Transmission Info – 5-speed manual
Exterior Colour – Platinmetallic (Porsche code U1)
Interior Colour – Brown
Other features – Original Fuchs wheels, original steering wheel included
Seller – Dealer
Model page
Note – For CCC live auctions, this space also includes:
a map link to seller location;
a Carfax report reference (1981 and newer); and
a lot number.

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The Platinmetallic paint (Porsche code U1) is a pretty colour, though the seller is careful to point out that it comes with its share of stone chips and imperfections.  Among the imperfections are rust at the base of the windshield and rust on the passenger’s side fender.  To the seller’s credit, he has written a comprehensive ad – we just wish there were more photos.  Currently installed on the car is a set of Kinesis three-piece wheels, the original Fuchs, while faded, come with the car.


Inside there is a brown leather interior.  Seats show wear commensurate with age but no tears are photographed.  The Momo three-spoke steering wheel is a replacement, a common change for a sportier look depending on one’s taste.  Purists will be happy to know that the OEM steering wheel is included.  Sunroof and air conditioning are other features, though the a/c is noted as non-functional.  This 911 also has cruise control.



The car is said to have been treated to much in the way of mechanical work in the recent past.  The original transaxle remains in place and was rebuilt in May.  Other recent repairs and maintenance include new shifter bushings, oil service, fuel filter replacement.  Clutch is said to have been replaced within the past 4,000 miles.



Find this 1982 Porsche 911 SC Coupe 5-speed manual in Kelowna on Kijiji for $69,000.  Our thanks to BC CCC’er Tim for submitting it.

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