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2021 11 26 Featured External Listing – 2010 Lexus IS250 5-speed manual



2021 11 26 Featured External Listing – 2010 Lexus IS250 5-speed manual



Here is a car that is considered by many to be a well-kept secret.  Rear-wheel drive?  Manual transmission?  Straight six engine?  In a Lexus?  Yes!  OK, OK, only the first-generation IS models were available with a straight-six, this second generation 2010 is powered by a V6 engine.  But this rig is rear-drive and equipped with the rarer six-speed stick.



CCC Vital Info – 2010 Lexus IS250 5-speed manual

Odometer – 176,000 km
Engine Info – 2.5 litre V6, fuel-injected
Transmission Info – 6-speed manual
Exterior Colour – Grey
Interior Colour – Two-tone grey
Other features – Includes winter wheels and tires, rear-drive
Seller – Private
Model page
Note – For CCC live auctions, this space also includes:
a map link to seller location;
a Carfax report reference (1981 and newer); and
a lot number.

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Power comes from the 2.5 litre V6, to the tune of 205 ponies; torque was rated at 186 lb.ft. from the factory.  Mated to the six-speed and driving the rear wheels, it makes for a driving experience different from what one would expect from most of the upscale Toyota marque.  “Not your father’s Lexus?”  Though this example is not so equipped, there is an F-sport version of this car, which came with more performance as well as sportier trim and accoutrements.


The 2.5 has powered this car a total distance of 176,000 km.  Toyota and Lexus advocates will say that an odometer reading at this level suggests that the car is barely broken in.  Seller indicates that the car has experienced one interior winter.  No underside photos are featured in the ad but we would want to check this out to corroborate the seller’s story.



The dark grey paint is complemented by the chrome lipped black wheels, which we believe to be aftermarket.  Owner indicates that the body is free of scratches and rust.  It is a clean no-nonsense exterior design, not at all a bellwether for the subsequent IS with the swoopy taillights and Lexus-standard massive hexagon grille.  On the more modest grille of the car at hand, the normally prominent Lexus “L” has been blacked out for a more mysterious look.  Window tint further accentuates the blackout theme.



Inside, the cabin is similarly businesslike.  Front buckets, a three-spoke steering wheel and a manual shifter placed to promote an upright driving position differentiate this car from its Lexus big brothers.  Cloth two-tone seats and stock radio add to the stock look for the time at Lexus.

A nice bonus is that the car comes with a set of Bridgestone Blizzaks mounted on a separate set of rims – the originals maybe??  Buyer beware – there is a chip in the windshield the seller mentions can be repaired.  To the next owner:  do not delay! Or you could be looking at a much more expensive replacement instead of a repair. This could make a very sensible winter driver for someone who has stored the seasonal cars for winter.

Find this 2010 Lexus IS250 5-speed manual on kijiji in Etobicoke, Ontario for $10,000.

Our thanks to Toyota Tony for sending it in to us.

Over to you… can Lexus bring driving excitement?

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