2021 05 25 CCC Featured External Listing - 1981 Porsche 911 SC Targa 5-speed manual - Collector Car Canada


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2021 05 25 CCC Featured External Listing – 1981 Porsche 911 SC Targa 5-speed manual

2021 05 24 CCC Featured External Listing

1981 Porsche 911 SC Targa 5-speed manual

This air-cooled Porsche 911 looks to be in wonderfully original condition.  It is a Targa, meaning removable roof panel and fixed rear window.  The SC is a narrow body car.  While not known as a Carrera like so many 911s, SC actually stands for Super Carrera, though this phrase is rarely used to describe these cars.  The SC was in production when rumours of the new front-engined water-cooled V8 928 replacing the 911 were put to rest.  The 928 enjoyed a long run through 1995, the 911 is still being produced.

The 911 body style was substantially unchanged from 1974, when new bumper requirements meant the end of the “long hood”, to 1989 when the 964 body was introduced.  While the G-series technically refers only to 1974 model year cars, the entire run from 1974 to 1989 are generally known as G bodies.  A comparison of a 1973 front bumper to one in 1974 shows that the bumper extends closer to the windshield, thereby making the hood, the “frunk” lid if you will, shorter.

CCC Vital Info

Odometer – 107,000 miles 
Engine Info – rear-mounted 3.0L flat six-cylinder
Transmission Info – 5-speed manual
Exterior Colour – Silver
Interior Colour – Black full leather
Other features – Targa roof, Fuchs wheels, Fog lights, Blaupunkt AM/FM/cassette
Seller – Private
Category – European
Model page
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Features on this car we notice as being unmodified, where so many others are, include:  the steering wheel, the venerable period-correct Fuchs wheels and fog lights.  Scanning through the photos reinforces the glorious simplicity of a narrow body, function over form – large tachometer placed on the dash in the centre of the driver’s line of vision, with the speedometer to the right side; ignition to the left of the steering wheel, unique and with its roots in Porsche racing; substantial but not ostentatious rear bumperettes protecting the rear of the body (there is a clean Carfax available); and absence of spoilers, despite the market’s love of a period “whale tail”.



Seller refers to a matching numbers car, which means that this car retains the air-cooled 3.0L with which it was outfitted at the factory.  It features K-Jetronic Bosch fuel injection and gets the power to the wheels via a five-speed manual transmission, Porsche-internally named 915.  Horsepower rating was 201, up from 188 in the previous year.  The engine is constructed primarily with aluminum, after the challenges of magnesium in preceding years.



The colours on this car, silver on black, yield an understated effect.  Complementing the black interior are the black Targa top and the black centres of the Fuchs.  The Euro rear indicator lights provide a nice hint of contrast.  The car needs no more.



Inside, the interior looks like it has been well kept for all its forty years, the last 18 of which have been with the seller.  Black leather seats look used but not abused, the rubber shift boot shows no signs of cracking, the presumed original Blaupunkt AM/FM/cassette head unit is in place.  Photos even look to feature original keys.



With modern comforts and technology in mind, the feature list for a 1981 could be called spartan but the tidy interior makes us long for these simpler times – no nannies watching over our driving.  Of course, there are modern 911s with triple the power of this machine so let us simply agree that different cars need different features.



The Targa top is featured in a dedicated photo, which supports the seller’s claim that it remains in excellent condition.  This is always something to look for in a 40-year-old Targa.  They are prone to leaking when rubber weather-stripping becomes brittle with age.


Looking closely at the gauges, we see the dominant figures on the speedometer are in miles per hour.  This car was produced after Canada went Metric, so this ensures that this is not a Canadian-market car.  It is likely a U.S. market car and makes plausible the mileage quoted by the seller at 107,000 miles, rather than a reading in kilometres.



Find this 1981 Porsche 911 SC Targa 5-speed manual in Piedmont, Qc, approximately 75 km north of Montreal, on Auto Trader for $62,900.



Merci to CCC member Alexandre for submitting this external listing.


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Adam Henderson

That is a rare find to have a targa roof in such good condition.

Sonny Birring

Saweet….something like this is on my list for future purchases…