2022 01 06 Featured External Listing - 1958 Edsel Ranger - Collector Car Canada
2022 01 06 Featured External Listing – 1958 Edsel Ranger


2022 01 06 Featured External Listing – 1958 Edsel Ranger

Here is a 1958 Edsel Ranger available in the Canadian West.  Even sixty-plus years later, the Edsel is known as a business risk that did not pay off for Ford.  At the time, General Motors was very successful with finned sedans – followers of the site have seen Chevrolet Impalas and Cadillac Eldorados of the era featured in other What We’ve Seen pages.  One of each from this same model year come to mind, as seen at the Rodmasters Car Show back on Hallowe’en Day of last year.  Comparing this car to those makes it apparent why business success was a struggle for the Edsel.  Yet, all of these years later, nostalgia is taking over and some believe they might be prime for appreciation, given their storied past.


CCC Vital Info – 1958 Edsel Ranger

Odometer – 19,744, TMU (True Mileage Unknown)
Engine Info – Ford 400 V8
Transmission Info – automatic
Exterior Colour – two-tone, white with red
Interior Colour – blue
Other features – Unique speedometer, Generally good condition
Seller – Private
Model page
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Edsel Ford was the son of the Founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford.  The elder Ford is the man generally credited for bringing the assembly line to becoming the standard for auto manufacturing as well as many other business innovations as North America embarked upon the Industrial Revolution of the 20th century.  His father being a tough act to follow, Edsel was named President of Ford in 1919, generally liked more stylish cars than did his father – illustrated by, among other things, his acquisition of Lincoln in 1922 – and retained that office until his death at the young age of 49, in 1943, at which time his father took the reins for a couple of further years and then his son, Henry Ford II.  It was Henry Ford II who brought the Edsel to market, in tribute to his father.


All of that history hints at some of the nostalgic appeal of an Edsel.  We have not seen statistics but figure there are few remaining examples of the fewer than 22,000 1958 Edsels and fewer than 60,000 in the three years of production, 1958 to 1960.  The two-tone red and white paint appears mostly lustrous in the photos, though the seller does disclose “a couple of blemishes”, glass is described as good.  There is no word as to the originality of the paint.  Other exterior features on this Edsel we find notable are the unique three-section grille (the centre piece known as a “horse collar grille”), two-piece front bumper and the hood ornament.  Generous chrome and whitewall tires, both shiny and clean, also harken back to different times.



Under the hood, there is a 400 cubic inch V8 engine.  We do not know of this displacement being offered in an Edsel and surmise that it is not original to the car.  Ford introduced a “400” for the 1971 model year, though in fact it displaced 402 c.i., and offered it that year in Galaxie, LTD, Custom on the Ford side – Monterey, Marquis and Brougham for Mercury offerings.  Transmission is an automatic while all lights, exterior and dash, are said to be functional.

Find this 1958 Edsel Ranger on kijiji in Calgary, Alberta for $9,845.  An interesting note is that the seller is including heated indoor storage for the remainder of winter as a deal sweetener.  Our thanks to CCC follower Derek for submitting this ad.

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