2022 01 12 Featured External Listing - 1989 Jaguar XJ-6 Sovereign - Collector Car Canada
2022 01 12 Featured External Listing – 1989 Jaguar XJ-6 Sovereign

2022 01 12 Featured External Listing – 1989 Jaguar XJ-6 Sovereign

This 1989 Jaguar XJ-6 Sovereign is one of the last of the old Cats.  It is a substantial rear-drive sedan, a lot more analog than today’s offerings with roots in hallowed Coventry.  Internally known as the XJ40, this stately iteration of the XJ-6 was on offer from the 1987 model year through 1994.  It is lighter, stiffer and quieter than its predecessor, the Series III, and is powered by a straight-six.

CCC Vital Info – 1989 Jaguar XJ-6 Sovereign

Odometer – 86,000 km
Engine Info – Jaguar straight-six
Transmission Info – 4-speed automatic
Exterior Colour – grey
Interior Colour – grey
Other features – All original, Alloy wheels, Air conditioning, Sunroof
Seller – Private
Model page

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The car at hand is available on Vancouver Island, supported by the “climate-correct” photo lighting.  This is usually indicative of a salt-free or near salt-free life for a car, YMMV.  Certainly, there is no evidence in the ad of rust on this one’s grey body though it also doesn’t explicitly say the car has been in BC all its life.  Unfortunately, there are no photos of the underneath of this car – of course, a check is mandatory before purchase.  The body does have a clean appearance, free of dents, swirls and scrapes.  Its grey paint is complemented by the imposing-looking factory alloy wheels and its one sweeping windshield wiper.  It is understated in appearance and reflective of its era – squarer and more angular than the Series III.


Inside, this car looks to be in exceptional condition for a piece manufactured in the ‘80s – something we might expect from a car like this with only one owner, as set out in the ad.  Leather and wood abound.  We particularly like the wood in place on the bucket seatbacks – without much function and likely not often seen, but evidence of an attention to detail mostly of bygone days.  The cabin features the appropriate luxuries of the day:  air conditioning, power steering, brakes and controls plus an AM/FM cassette stereo.  Cruise control and a sunroof help complete the package.  We particularly like the controls mounted on either side of the steering column and the partial use of digital readouts in the instrument cluster although, interestingly, Jaguar went back to all analog for this model in the following year.



Powering this car is a big straight six-cylinder engine.  Mated to it is a four-speed automatic transmission which sends the power to the rear wheels.  There are suspicions in Jaguar lore that the body was engineered to preclude fitting in V-shaped engines, which would be a nod to venerable marque history.  The body style was eventually fitted with a V12, though this did not occur until 1993, with Model III V12s continuing to be available through ’92.

While the ad is a little light on details – we would have liked to see some word about service history, seemingly not difficult for a one-owner car; a Carproof; some photos of the engine bay and trunk; as well as elusive-on-free-ad-sites underside photos – this car’s BC past, cosmetic condition and overall story make it worth a look.

Find this 1989 Jaguar XJ-6 Sovereign on kijiji in Parksville, British Columbia for $9,850.  Our thanks to CCC friend Jonesy for bringing it to us.

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I just had a thought…. I wonder if the wood on the front seat-backs is actually folding tables. “Swanky” English cars used to sometimes have that feature.

This car would be appropriate in convoy with my ’86 Mercedes Benz 300E. 🙂