2022 01 21 Featured External Listing - 2005 Porsche 911 997 Carrera 2S - Collector Car Canada


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2022 01 21 Featured External Listing – 2005 Porsche 911 997 Carrera 2S

2022 01 21 Featured External Listing – 2005 Porsche 911 997 Carrera 2S

2005 Porsche 911 997 Carrera 2S is a first model year example of the 997 generation of 911, which followed the controversial 996 – controversial because it was the first water-cooled 911 and for its non-rounded headlights, a first (and only) for 911.  The pre-facelift 997, also known as 997.1, is the last 911 associated with the dubious IMS problems.  A quick web search will yield far more information than you might care to read about these intermediate shaft malfunctions, and the various aftermarket solutions.  In this case, the seller has gotten out in front of the questions, mentioning a recent IMS service.  (This language is somewhat ambiguous, we would ask if the IMS has been replaced and, if so, if the LN Engineering solution was used.)  Clutch is said to also have been changed 10,000 km ago.

CCC Vital Info – 2005 Porsche 911 997 Carrera 2S

Odometer – 140,000 km
Engine Info – 3.8 L flat-six
Transmission Info – 6-speed manual
Exterior Colour – black
Interior Colour – black
Other features – Performance upgrades, Audio upgrades, Three sets of wheels.
Seller – Private
Model page

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The colour scheme is black-on-black – classic 911, if not unique.  Ad mentions that the car has been repainted.  The car comes with three sets of wheels, two sets with tires mounted.  Pictured are the 19” Vossen wheels, with summer tires.  These give the car a sharp look, though the purists would prefer the 18” lobster fork OEM wheels also included.  Reflective of the car’s Vancouver residence, the seller is including a 19” winter set.  We say this because in most regions of Canada, two-wheel drive 911s hibernate for the winter – the “2” in C2S is to indicate two-wheel drive, in a 911’s case – rear.  Getting the power to the wheels is a conventional six-speed manual.


Other noticeable features on the outside include the yellow calipers, part of the PCCB – Porsche ceramic composite brake – system.  As stated in the ad, this is a very expensive upgrade when spec’ing out a new Porsche.  The rear spoiler is more noticeable than normal; it is power-operated and is raised at speed, though drivers can control it to show it in the raised position when parked, as pictured.  The tail lamp lenses have been changed out and the LEDs employed are a close imitation to the 997.2’s.  Front and side markers are also LEDs while other performance modifications include Fabspeed intake, AWE exhaust, H&R lowering springs and a stage 2 tune.  Out of the box, this car put out 340 horsepower, we would like to see Dyno results for how it sits today.



Inside the dark leather interior is complemented by an aftermarket double DIN Pioneer head unit.  We figure that the Apple Car Play feature is the reason for this.  So, this is a modern unit, if not factory – as preferred by some purists.  Supporting this Pioneer is an upgraded speaker system with 12” subwoofer.  Seats are adjustable 18 ways, there is a carbon fibre steering wheel in place and the car is spec’d with the Porsche chrono package.  One thing we wish we saw mention of is a Carfax; at this price point, we’d suggest the seller owes this to interested parties.

Find this 2005 Porsche 911 997 Carrera 2S on craigslist in Vancouver, BC priced at $60,000.  Our thanks to CCC subscriber Alex for bringing it to us.

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