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2022 02 04 Featured External Listing – 1991 Nissan 300ZX 5-speed manual

2022 02 04 Featured External Listing – 1991 Nissan 300ZX 5-speed manual

This 1991 Nissan 300ZX 5-speed manual is a second-year model of the Z32 generation of the famed Nissan Z-cars.  First appearing in the 1970 model year as a Datsun 240Z, there is a long line of Z-car tradition with a loyal following.  The 2022 Nissan Z is expected in showrooms soon – subject, of course, to the same various shortages currently proliferating in the industry.  Though being referred to generally in the trade as the Nissan 400Z, it is retaining only the letter in its name and retaining the Z34 internal Nissan coding of the 370Z.

CCC Vital Info – 1991 Nissan 300ZX 5-speed manual

Odometer – 30,000 miles, claimed original
Engine Info – 3.0L V6
Transmission Info – 5-speed manual
Exterior Colour – grey
Interior Colour – light grey cloth
Other features – BOSE audio, recent timing belt.
Seller – Private
Model page

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The Z32 iteration was released to grand fanfare for model year 1990, making this example from its second year.  It succeeded the Z31 – gone were the pop-up headlights synonymous with sports cars through the early ‘90s and a in was a clean, refined look.  The ’90 Turbo version was Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year, thus giving a splash to the new generation’s market introduction.

It is a U.S. market car, recently imported – though details and timing are omitted.  The seller claims to have invested in recent dealer service, including the timing belt and Bose audio system.  We believe the numbers in parentheses are amounts spent – $4,000 for mechanical and $2,000 on the stereo – but we really aren’t sure and surmise that this is a typical Craigslist ad.  As well, there is a Carfax on hand but details have been kept secret.



Find this 1991 Nissan 300ZX 5-speed manual on craigslist in Surrey, BC for $34,000.

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Non-turbo, 30,000 miles. There’s a LOT of life and pleasure left in this one. It’s about time the prices of these 300ZXs reflected their value.
Must admit, I’ve never driven one, but I “think” it would be a treat.