2022 02 18 Featured External Listing - 1966 Ford Thunderbird Landau Coupe - Collector Car Canada


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2022 02 18 Featured External Listing – 1966 Ford Thunderbird Landau Coupe


2022 02 18 Featured External Listing – 1966 Ford Thunderbird Landau Coupe


Today, we have a 1966 Ford Thunderbird whose described history merits some attention and looking into.  It is being re-sold by someone who claims to have procured it from the estate of the original owner, which would imply an approximate 54-year ownership tenure by the original owner.  Another claim which gets our attention is that it has rolled a low, low 26,697 miles since new.  There is a photo of the mechanical, five-digit odometer in the ad – both attributes which make corroborating the mileage a “must” when paying for the stated provenance.


CCC Vital Info – 1966 Ford Thunderbird Landau Coupe

Odometer – 27,000 miles 
Engine Info – 4 barrel V8
Transmission Info – 3-speed automatic
Exterior Colour – 1915 Medium Sage Gold Metallic
Interior Colour – Light Ivy Gold 
Other features – One owner before current owner purchased from estate, all functions operable
Seller – Private
Model page
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a lot number.

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Released for the 1955 model year, the Thunderbird enjoyed frequent restyling in its early years.  This ’66 is a fourth generation Bird, as featured in “Thelma and Louise” and last before the release of the fifth generation – preferred by some – for the ’67 model year, coincidentally Canada’s centennial.  The first generation, considered the prettiest by many, was much smaller, offering a convertible top and seating for two only.  With the release of the ’58, the car gained much more heft, tangibly illustrated by generous rear seating.  The T-bird has always featured a two-door body style, including the retro-look eleventh generation, which was a back-to-the future tribute to the original two-seater with removable hardtop.  It should be noted, though, that fifth-gen T-birds were also available as four-door sedans, with rear door hinges at the rear, like a mid-‘60s Lincoln Continental.  The T-bird was most recently produced for the 2005 model year, though its following longs for a re-release.


Back to the car at hand…
Finished in #1915 Medium Sage Gold Metallic (paint code “Z”), seller claims all to be original, even the hub caps.  Complementing the gold paint is a white vinyl Landau roof, body type 63D on the factory identification plate.  The Landau trim is distinct from the Town Coupe, whose only side windows are the same (“blind roof”, in Ford parlance) but without the vinyl; the hardtop, which offered side windows further back than the doors; and, of course, the convertible.  The C-pillar styling is also unique to the Landau.  Seller notes that the frame is free of rust, though we did notice some rusting of door hinges on the video.  The car features a dual exhaust to help the big V8’s breathing.



Inside the tones are a matching gold with some contrasting black and wood grain.  Code 28 as on the ID plate is Light Ivy Gold crinkle vinyl.  We have always admired the wraparound style seating enjoyed by rear passengers in these cars.  The seller claims no wear inside and that all features work, including the stock radio.  These cars were ultra-luxurious for their period, lots of power offerings on the accoutrements.  Seals are said to be good, as well.



The ’66 T-bird was sold new with two engines at all four trim levels.  Both are four-barrel V8s, one at 390 cubic inches, 315 horsepower, and the bigger at 428 c.i. and 345 HP.  Unfortunately, the seller does not note which engine makes up the powerplant of this car.  Either way, the factory connected it to a three-speed automatic getting power to the rear wheels.

There are a few gaps in this car’s story to be filled.  As with many collector cars where a long-time owner is not available as a resource, there is no maintenance history on this car.  As well as this, we would want to know how much it has been driven in recent summers, if at all.  This would be a bellwether for the level of work the car might require from the new owner.

Find this 1966 Ford Thunderbird Landau Coupe in Northbrook, Ontario on kijiji for $24,900.  Our thanks to CCC follower Norbert for submitting it.

Let Us Know What You Think!  (We love comments.  Ever owned a T-bird?  Got a T-bird story?  What would you do if you were interested in this car?)

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