2022 02 25 Featured External Listing - 1973 Ford Mustang 4-speed manual - Collector Car Canada


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2022 02 25 Featured External Listing – 1973 Ford Mustang 4-speed manual


2022 02 25 Featured External Listing – 1973 Ford Mustang 4-speed manual


CCC Vital Info – 1973 Ford Mustang 4-speed manual

Odometer – 144,000 miles
Engine Info – 351 C.I. Cleveland V8
Transmission Info – 4-speed manual
Exterior Colour – red with black
Interior Colour – black with red
Other features – Restored, Aftermarket sport wheels, rear spoiler
Seller – Private
Model page
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This is a 1973 Ford Mustang, the last year of Mustang’s first generation and preceding the dubiously received Mustang II.  Though 50 years old, it appears well cared for as attested to by its appraiser, who awarded serial “Excellent” ratings on the appraisal report.  For those new to the hobby, many insurers require collector car owners to have their rides appraised from time to time (approximately 5-7 years, depending on the insurer) for the insurer’s peace of mind that the insured value can be reconciled with the condition of the car.

When the Mustang first appeared in 1964 as a 1965 model, it made a huge impact.  Naysayer may question the concept of the developers, led by none other than the late great Lee Iacocca – putting a big engine in a small car.  A lot of the underneath of the early Mustangs was based on the period Falcon.  Put a V8 in a car that size and sure enough, it cooked.  By the time this car was made, GM had responded in the form of the Camaro and Firebird while Chrysler chimed in in the form of the Challenger and Barracuda.  By ’71, the first-gen Mustang had a refresh in terms of appearance and another impact at the time was the oil crisis and the Mustang was ripe for a change in the form of the considered-a-letdown-by-some Mustang II.  As the last year of the first generation, this car does hold legitimate collector value.


The red paint with black stripe is a repaint and looks very sharp.  Seller is not clear on timing of the paint job, just that it has rolled fewer than 3,000 miles since, but it does present well.  Seller notes a cost of $7,000 as a selling point but we doubt anyone could get a collector car painted for much less.  The wheels suit the car and are noted as aftermarket, skinned in excellent condition rubber.  The fastback with the near horizontal rear glass is a timeless design, still imitated by manufacturers today.  Other details include chrome noted as excellent, original factory-tinted windows and a spoiler on the rear deck. 



Inside, the colour scheme is a complementary opposite to the exterior.  Original vinyl seats in black with red trim look to be in very nice condition, rear seats fold down.  The large circumference three-spoke steering wheel and long shifter with white knob are authentic period pieces.  Faux wood trim is understated and suits this ’73 well.



Under the hood lurks the original 351 Cleveland V8, which has powered the car 144,000 miles.  The combo of the chromed air cleaner with the red spark plug wires and blue valve covers screams All-American ride.  The engine bay could stand some detailing before hitting the show circuit but that would not be a big job.  The four-speed stick sends the power to the rear wheels.

Find this 1973 Ford Mustang 4-speed manual on Auto Trader in Newcastle, Ontario at a price of $28,000.  Thanks to CCC subscriber Alex for the tip on this car.

Let Us Know What You Think!  (We love comments.  Ever owned one of these?  Got a story?  Is anyone tempted to go have a look?)

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