2022 06 21 Posting - CCC Blog Post, What to Look For When Buying a Collector Car - Collector Car Canada


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2022 06 21 Posting – CCC Blog Post, What to Look For When Buying a Collector Car
Mercedes with crowd


2022 06 21 Posting – CCC Blog Post, What to Look For When Buying a Collector Car




It is important to think about a variety of factors before you buy a collector car. The most important thing is to establish a rapport with the seller. If you have a good relationship with him or her, your decision process will be easier.  Another step is to make sure to ask the seller detailed questions about the vehicle. Remember, you are buying this vehicle for a specific purpose. You will want to know as much about it as you can find out, especially if it is going to be a keeper.

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Don’t try to play the market, go with your heart

With the current major shifts in the global economy, many markets are being impacted. This applies even to the collector car market.  So it is best to go with a car you truly love and appreciate rather than a collector car you would be buying with resale in mind. When opting to buy a collector car we encourage you to consider the nostalgic feel the car provides, rather than buying a car and hoping it surges in value. Although, if you’re Interested in buying a collector car for financial gain we have an article discussing what cars we predict may have a future surge in potential value.  CLICK HERE if to find out more.

Chevrolet Corvette C4
Chevrolet Impala



Buy The Seller


Another Important factor when buying a collector car. We recommend that you contact the seller and figure out more about the car before bidding or making an offer.  Building healthy communication with the seller is of vital importance; that way you know what you’re buying, meaning you’ve discussed the car and know its unique quirks that come with time. In addition, if you contact the seller, you get to know why they fell in love with the collector car you’re looking to buy and why he/she is selling it. Moreover, although certain auction websites disclose as much detail as they can about the car, knowing everything is difficult. That is why when you contact the seller you may even find out a thing or two about the car not appearing in the listing that may make it appreciate more in value. In Collector Car Canada’s case, we write extensive listings disclosing what we know about the car.  But for items not covered, we provide a “Contact Seller” button. Using it, you can easily get in touch with the seller and talk about the car in more detail.

Enjoy The Process

The process of buying a collector car should be fun rather than stress-filled. In most scenarios your collector car isn’t going to be your daily driver, that is why it is much better to get to know the seller a bit and enjoy the process – you are acquiring a car filled with nostalgia for you. Since most often when buying a collector car, you are either getting a gift for yourself or to a loved one, to reminisce on the nostalgia and the feel you get from driving a certain car. In addition, people frequently get a collector car as a time capsule to a simpler time in their life, so don’t over-complicate the process for yourself and enjoy the process by trusting the seller.

Toyota Supra

Are you going through the process?  Have you already?  What are YOUR tips??

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