2022 11 12 Featured External Listing - 1967 Jaguar E-Type, Series 1 2+2 - Collector Car Canada


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2022 11 12 Featured External Listing – 1967 Jaguar E-Type, Series 1 2+2
1967 Jaguar E-Type 2+2


2022 11 12 Featured External Listing – 1967 Jaguar E-Type, Series 1 2+2


Here is a project version of a car considered one of the most beautiful of all-time, a 1967 Jaguar E-Type 2+2.  In fact, no less than Enzo Ferrari is said to have called it the most beautiful of all time.  Its restoration is not finished but it seems a good specimen with which to work.  The E-Type, marketed as an XKE in North America, was introduced to the world for the 1961 model year; the 2+2s began with the ’66 models.

The Series 1 cars lasted through the 1967 model year and it is generally considered by collectors as the one to have.  Certainly, its values are highest.  Hagerty values a concours example of a ’67 XKE Series 1 2+2 at $209,000 – though this is low relative to much higher values for 2-seaters, both the coupe and roadster check in at over $400,000, the roadster over $500,000.  Collectors, take note!  There are Series 1.5 cars also from the 1967 model year – worth considerably less in all three forms – so documentation is important.

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​This car is said to be originally finished in Opalescent Silver Blue and refinished in the same colour.  It looks good in the photo but the seller notes that the paint is good, not excellent.  With the value upside discussed in the foregoing, this makes us figure this car is a candidate for a rolling restoration – in case the new owner doesn’t want to go “whole hawg” in a full restoration right from the start.  It does have the beautiful trademark E-Type wire wheels and the Series 1 mostly had headlight covers but at the end of the Series 1 run, there were cars produced without in the interest of better illuminiation.  This is worth checking on, but this example appears to not sport the covers.

1967 Jaguar E-Type 2+2

​There is only one interior photo.  It does present well, though the steering wheel is not installed.  We figure this is an in-restoration photo, what with the wheel removed.  The E-Types are renowned for their rich leather and this car’s hides do look good in that one photo.  We notice modern audio gear, though the new owner may decide to back-date to get a more period-correct look and sound.  (We figure we would mostly be listening to the engine!)  Legendary switch gear remains in place on the dash, this was modernized on subsequent examples and does not have the same dramatic appearance.

1967 Jaguar E-Type 2+2


Under the hood, this car sports a 4.2 litre straight-six engine.  The original E-Types came in 3.8 form, the 4.2 was introduced in 1964.  These engines were equipped with triple SU carburetors for even and smooth power delivery.  Only the 2+2s were offered in automatic, this one is equipped with the three-speed slushbox.  There is only one partial photo of the powerplant in the ad, and it does present well.  The seller notes that the car is not currently running but that all of the pieces are on hand to make it sing again.


1967 Jaguar E-Type 2+2


Our take on this car is that it is a lot of E-Type for the money.  Certainly, this price is not enough to buy a running specimen in fine condition.  Do your homework before undertaking the restoration but it does seem to hold a lot of promise, with the carrot of those Hagerty supplied values.

Find this 1966 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 on Auto Trader in Bolton, Ontario at a price of $65,500.  Thanks to CCC subscriber Robert for telling us about this car.



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