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2021 08 06 posting – Show & Shine held August 3, 2021, Oakville, On

1970 Dodge Charger 500



2021 08 06 posting – Show & Shine held August 3, 2021, Oakville, On




Collector Car Canada attended a Show & Shine event August 3, 2021 and no car lover left disappointed.  It was a beautiful evening and great turnout – about 125 cars at the height of it, including some very highline metal.  Have a look and please comment below with any details we might have missed.  Don’t be shy!


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1970 Dodge Charger 500



Chevrolet Corvette C3



1986 Pontiac Firebird, with Corvette engine 



Jaguar XK100 Convertible



Chevrolet Corvette C7



Chevrolet Corvette C8



1973 MGB



Mercedes SL 550



Chevrolet El Camino



2015 Ford Mustang GT


Ford Mustang GT



Plymouth Sport Satellite



1968 Dodge Monaco



Chevrolet Camaro SS, fifth generation



Bricklin SV-1


1955 Chevrolet


Ford Mustang, fourth generation

Thanks to those who came to show their rides, another great evening.  Please let us know your favourites and give us your suggestions below in terms of any info. we  might have missed.

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