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2021 08 21 posting – Port Credit Collector Car Thursdays held August 19, 2021, Mississauga, On

Cadillac Eldorado Hardtop



2021 08 21 Posting – Port Credit Collector Car Thursdays held August 19, 2021, Mississauga, On


Thursday, we attended a show a few of our members had mentioned to us, – the Port Credit Collector Car Thursdays held August 19, 2021, in Mississauga, Ontario, put on four times in August by the Port Credit BIA.  We figure this was the widest variety of vehicles of any show we have attended this season, and there have been more than a few.  We walked up and down Lakeshore Road, looking at each of them.  Here are a few that caught our eye.  Take a look and please let us know what you think, what your favourites are and, as always, if you can supplement the information on the cars we have noted.  We turned the underlined text, above, into an info. link in case anyone is local and might want to attend the last iteration next week.  We’ll be wandering in a marked CCC chase car and wearing CCC hats and shirts; if you see us, please say hello!  Thank you, Port Credit BIA.


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1978 Dodge L’il Red Express Truck



1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser Wagon (clean!)



Lincoln Town Coupe




1923 Durant Star, made in Leaside (Toronto)




Chevrolet Impala – Art by James Michael Sokoluk
Hit him up at [email protected]



1974 Chevrolet Caprice Convertible


August 21, 2021 Collector Car Thursdays (08/19), Port Credit – Gallery Index

  1. 1987 Porsche 928S4, 1 of 12 in with sport seats, limited slip differential and manual transmission

  2. Mazda GLC (cleeeean!)

  3. Lotus Esprit V8

  4. Oldsmobile 2-door Hardtop

  5. Studebaker Pick-Up Truck

  6. DeSoto 2-door Hardtop

  7. Cadillac Coupe de Ville

  8. Volkswagen Bus, ready for the camp site

  9. 1968 Ford Mustang California Special

  10. Pontiac Beaumont (the Chevelle’s cousing, it sold new in Canada only)

  11. 1987 Honda CRX Si (last year of first generation)

  12. Aston Martin Rapide

Remember, as with photos of other show & shines, if you have information, knowledge or details that we have missed, please use the comment section below to help set us straight.  And tell us your favourites!

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