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2021 10 02 posting – Toronto Fox Body Club Meet, Mississauga, On, held October 1, 2021

Ford Mustang GT convertible, post-facelift


2021 10 02 posting – Toronto Fox Body Club Meet, Mississauga, On, held October 1, 2021


Another weekend, another great meet for us to attend.  Last night, we attended a show put on by the Fox Body Club of Toronto, held in Mississauga.  At one point, we heard an announcement of a record 167 Mustangs on the site, we have since been advised by attendee Paul that the final count was 214.  Enjoy the photos and please let us know what you think, what your favourites are and, as always, if you can supplement the information on the cars we have noted.  Remember the weekly prize being offered for the best comment.  (An administrative note about our captions:  the Fox body was the third generation Mustang.  It was produced for the 1979 to 1993 model years, with a major re-skin/facelift for 1987.  So, for Fox Mustangs, we have defaulted to pre-facelift and for non-Fox Mustangs, we have indicated the generation.)

Thank you, Fox Body Club of Toronto – great show!

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To the victors…


1979 Ford Mustang GT, Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Version



Ford Mustang GT Convertible Custom, post-facelift

There really were 214 Foxes, here is #166’s ID plate.

Ford Mustang GT, post-facelift, Saleen Custom

Ford Mustang GT

“Invaders”.. non-Mustangs in attendance

Remember, as with photos of other show & shines, if you have information, knowledge or details that we have missed, please use the comment section below to help set us straight.  And tell us your favourites!  (As regular followers know, there is a weekly prize for the best comment.)

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