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2021 10 18 posting – Pumpkinfest Car Show, Waterford, On, held October 17, 2021

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2021 10 18 posting – Pumpkinfest Car Show, Waterford, On, held October 17, 2021

Sunday, we attend the annual Pumpkinfest Car Show in Waterford, On.

What a fun event.  There were a few drops of drizzle but definitely not enough to dampen the vibe.  (However, no Pontiac Vibes were spotted…)  A couple of friends of the site guessed at the attendance as being about 500 cars.  Great variety, great prizes, great food and a car-centric, friendly atmosphere.  Domestics dominated and we will bring you some later in the week but we found enough imports to dedicate a page to them.  The Volkswagens, particularly the air-cooleds usually have a dedicated showing; we also found lots of interesting Japanese rides, and other Euros. 

Enjoy the photos and please let us know what you think, what your favourites are and, as always, if you can supplement the information on the cars we have noted.  Remember the weekly prize being offered for the best comment.

Thank you, Waterford Pumpkinfest!

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Volkswagen Beetle


Fiat Convertible

Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra RHD

Nissan Skyline RHD

Remember, as with photos of other show & shines, if you have information, knowledge or details that we have missed, please use the comment section below to help set us straight.  And tell us your favourites!

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