**SOLD on the CCC Buy-It-Now Lot** 1966 Dodge Dart GT V8 Convertible with Power Top - CCC
**SOLD on the CCC Buy-It-Now Lot** 1966 Dodge Dart GT V8 Convertible with Power Top

Reserve price Not met!

1966 Dodge Dart GT Convertible
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1966 Dodge Dart GT V8 Convertible with Power Top

Here we have a 1966 Dodge Dart GT Convertible which looks good and runs well.  Originally a special-order blue car from the factory, it is now a sharp red on bright white interior with power white convertible top.  The car has been owned by Mopar enthusiasts for two years who have Grandma’s ’64 Valiant – original owner, she was – in the garage for safekeeping until they restore it.  While this car is partially restored to result in its fine appearance at 57 years old, it retains most original accents to peg it as a ’66 Dodge, with the GT package:  rallye wheels (5) with bright beauty rings and centre accents; whitewalls; GT badges; aluminum grille; and chrome bumpers.

CCC Vital Info 1966 Dodge Dart GT V8 Convertible

Lot – 109
Seller – Monika (Private)
Seller location – Manotick, On K4M
VIN – LP27862662047
Odometer – 45,000 miles, TMU
Engine Info – Upgraded form a 225 c.i. slant-6 to a 318 c.i. V8
Transmission Info – 3-speed Automatic
Exterior Colour – Bright red
Interior Colour – White with black carpets
Other features – Nice restoration, Colour combo pops, Functional factory AM Radio
Category – American
Hagerty.Ca Valuation – Not available
Model page
Carfax – N/A for pre-1981 vehicle

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The red paint reflects a fine gloss, the finish has a bright appearance in the sunlight.  There are a few flaws in the paint, and these are shown in the gallery but it is quite good overall.  Glass is very good and clear – as is the vinyl folding rear window in the convertible top, no distortion or fade, perfectly transparent.  The top folds down easily with the power switch on the dashboard, same for the “up” function, both are illustrated in the videos.  Rallye wheels are wrapped in 205/70R14 with matching whitewall radials at all four corners installed by a former owner, there is both a full-sized spare matching the installed wheels, and a space-saver spare in the trunk – which opens freely, is covered by a period-correct vinyl sheet and contains a jack.  Chrome hood-side appointments, windshield wipers and quarter-panel GT badges complement the bright work on the grille and bumpers.  Dual exhaust tips are also chrome-finished and emit a powerful sound when the engine is running.  There is one exterior mirror, on the driver’s side and the owner has ingeniously fitted a concave mirror to the inside of the passenger vent windows, making this feature of yesteryear even more functional when open.  Mini fins and chrome-wrapped taillights ensure presence even in departure.

1966 Dodge Dart GT Convertible


On the interior, the bright white seats are of replacement vinyl upholstery and replacement black carpet are the beginning of a tidy package.  Patina shows on the original chromed console to yield an original look.  The car was built without seat belts, though 4 lap belts have since been installed – on the two front buckets and two on the rear bench.  Dash also retains an original look, though the “Valiant” steering wheel hub cover is borrowed from the car’s Plymouth cousin.  As optioned from the factory, the AM Radio remains functional when the manual antenna is raised – functioning radio is included in the videos, all sound through the one centre-mount speaker.  Interior door panels are white with black trim – they house chrome for door handles, locks, crank windows, ashtrays and trim; as well, they are home to Dart GT badging and the remote mirror control on the driver’s side.  The sweeping speedometer maxes out at 120 MPH and the incorporated odometer reads 45000, though true mileage is unknown (TMU).  There are accessory gauges for fuel and temperature to replace those factory gauges not functioning.  There is a cover for the power top switch that is loose but intact.  A blue interior light is visible in some photos – this is merely an accessory light and has no function beyond that, easily removed if the new owner prefers.   

1966 Dodge Dart GT Convertible

Under the hood is found an upgrade to a V8, represented to the seller as a Mopar 318 cubic-inch engine; this is corroborated by the appraiser who also notes that it was an option for the car.  It combines with the dual exhaust for a powerful-sounding rumble be it at idle or with open throttle.  This is demonstrated in the videos.  The V8’s power is delivered to the rear wheels by a three-speed automatic transmission whose shifter is on the floor, built into the centre console.  The engine compartment shows signs of originality while remaining tidy, a newer Interstate battery handles the starts; we also notice newer ignition wires and alternator.  Air cleaner and radiator are Chrysler items, believed OEM.  The owner did work on wiring on the driver’s side of the cowl as well as replacing the fuel filter, resulting in a smooth runner; he has also had an alignment, as well as wheel cylinders and control arm bushings replaced.  Oil was most recently changed under 1000 miles ago in 2022.  If the owner were keeping the car, he would inspect the carburetor.  Following few cold starts this spring, there has been some hesitation until the engine is warm – owner is not sure if the cause is a clogged carb or lack of use so far in 2023.  He would also replace exhaust U-clamps to ensure ground clearance is sufficient and realign the gas line.  Underneath, the car is quite presentable.  The only corrosion observed is very light, on the surface of the trunk floor – all shown in the gallery.  For Ontario buyers, the car was safetied in 2021 and the owner expects it be able to earn an Ontario Safety Standards Certificate in its current fine condition.

1966 Dodge Dart GT Convertible

This 1966 Dodge Dart GT Convertible is available from the owning couple with two sets of keys, service records in a binder (see photos) as well as original Chrysler manuals in greater Ottawa.

1966 Dodge Dart GT Convertible

The VIN decodes as follows: 
L – Model, Dart;
P – Trim, Dart GT;
27 – Body Type, Convertible;
B – Engine displacement, 225 cubic inches (since changed);
6 – Model year, 1966;
2 – Assembly plant, Hamtramck, MI;
Final six digits – Production number

1966 Dodge Dart GT Convertible

The fender tag decodes as follows: 
Lowercase alphabet codes – a 6: Console; b 4: bucket seats; p 6: LH remote outside mirror; u 1; Sold car (special order)
Uppercase alphabet codes – AB 21:  225 cu. In. slant-6 (since changed); C 5: Automatic transmission; R 1: AM Radio; Y 2:  White convertible top
SO Number – 50506105 505:  Built May 5, 1966;
Body – LP27:  Dodge Dart Convertible
Trim – P4B: Blue vinyl (since changed)
Paint – DD1: Light Blue Metallic (Exterior paint – since changed); D:  Medium Blue (Upper inner door paint – since changed)

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**SOLD on the CCC Buy-It-Now Lot** 1966 Dodge Dart GT V8 Convertible with Power Top

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The frame and floor pan are in good shape

As far as i know there isn’t any rust on the frame

Any rust on the frame

Hi all, Anyone that buys this will just love cruising around and watching heads turn. If there are any questions please use the contact seller button and I will be happy to answer any questions.