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Thrifty Thursdays

Welcome to one of our new features for 2022, Thrifty Thursdays.  We will not run these every week but when we do run them, auctions will launch and finish on a Thursday and their Thrifty Thursday status will be deliberately marked in the item’s title.  These are auctions for cars that cars that start, stop and steer (unless otherwise noted), yet need a little finishing.  They are like all of our other sale items “as is, where is” – these, though, with some known issues.  We’ll set out what is known to need doing to make the car ready to enjoy and any reserve price will reflect that the buyer will be doing the work.  As usual, the Comments section will be open and fully-registered members will be able to contact the seller directly.  These auctions will run seven days, like most of our other items.  And Thursdays are reserved for these items, they will launch and finish Thursdays.


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