2021 10 22 posting - Oakville Show, Oakville, On, held August 31, 2021 - Collector Car Canada


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2021 10 22 posting – Oakville Show, Oakville, On, held August 31, 2021

Porsche 911 993 with RUF wheels


2021 10 22 posting – Oakville Show, Oakville, On, held August 31, 2021

With the Oakville event we are attending tomorrow – readers of our daily updates will be familiar – we are bringing you photos of a past meet in Oakville, a weekly Tuesday evening affair all summer.  We expect to see lots of Porsche tomorrow, that’s why we used the above photo borrowed from our galleries of another meet.  (Those wishing can join the daily update list here, just make sure you have ticked the box to advise us to send the daily updates to you.)

Enjoy the photos and please let us know what you think, what your favourites are and, as always, if you can supplement the information on the cars we have noted.  Remember the weekly prize being offered for the best comment.

Thank you, Oakville Tuesday Evening Show organizers!

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Chevrolet Corvette C6 Custom


BMW 850i

Chevrolet Nova Custom

Plymouth Duster

Remember, as with photos of other show & shines, if you have information, knowledge or details that we have missed, please use the comment section below to help set us straight.  And tell us your favourites!

Let Us Know What You Think!  Post a comment, it feels sooo good!

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I really enjoy almost all cars, but especially enjoy American muscle!