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Bidder Benefits


Thinking of bidding on the site?  Here are a few things to consider.

Ready to go?  Register to bid here.

We are Canadian – Our Founder started CCC primarily because of less-than-smooth experiences with the big US sites.  Pay in Canadian dollars for a vehicle already in Canada.  No foreign exchange or border hassles.

Motivated sellers – All CCC sellers are ready to sell.  We respect your time – CCC and sellers have agreed on a reserve price, if applicable, in advance.  No “testing the waters” ads here.

Detailed listings – Our paragraph-form listings offer detailed descriptions with a proliferation of photos.  We advise sellers to be ready to speak to and show their vehicles during the auction week.

Low buyer premium – Buyer premium is 4.99% on the first $100,000 (3.99% beyond this), with a minimum of $499.  Compare that to the bricks-and-mortar auctions or, worse, the bricks-and-mortar auctions who have transitioned to online without adjusting their commissions.

Your money is safe – CCC never takes custody of sale vehicles or the money to pay for them.  The exchange is between buyer and seller – direct.  (Only buyer premiums are collected by credit card.)

Your money is safe – we contract the credit card handling to a trusted third-party vendor, Stripe, whose domain is e-commerce.  CCC customers’ credit card information never hits CCC servers so no chance of a breach.

Bidding is protected from snipers – When there is a bid with less than a minute-and-a-half remaining in an auction, the clock resets to a minute-and-a-half.  Last-second bidders need not apply.

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