2022 01 14 posting - The Great Can-Am Road Trip of '21-'22 - Collector Car Canada
2022 01 14 posting – The Great Can-Am Road Trip of ’21-’22

1991 Cadillac Allante


2022 01 14 posting – The Great Can-Am Road Trip of ’21-’22

For those who follow us on Instagram, this update will not be news. In November, Founder Dave found a 1965 Cadillac Sedan de Ville HT for sale in Saskatchewan which he could not be without.  He made a “fly-and-drive” out of it, departing for Regina immediately after the Hagerty Garage Open House we told you about at the time and driving the ole girl east.  He posted on the ‘gram from the road.

When he spotted another old and unique Cadillac he liked on one of the US sites – internet sleuths will easily figure it out – just before Christmas, he kept an eye on it.  He noted the close date of December 27, after two days of no auction closes, for obvious reasons, leading to a glut of closes on the 27th; that the photos of the car were taken on a grey day (see above), not exactly flattering the car; and that it was a No Reserve auction.

With an introduction like that, you probably know the rest, especially if you are a CCC Instagram follower!  So today, we document his fly-and-drive to bring a 1991 Cadillac Allante to its new home, from Massachusetts.  The seller, John at Greenfield Auto, was very gracious in accommodating Founder Dave’s travel challenges.  We are all car people, after all, and included are some photos of interest at Greenfield Auto.


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Winter travel in the U.S. Northeast can be a challenge.  Sure enough, our first flight was diverted, we missed a connection and ended up on the standby list.  But, after a long day, we made it to Boston.  We had to postpone delivery by Seller John by a couple of days and needed a three-leg bus ride and a pick-up in John’s sweet Volvo S60-R (photo below), but we made it to collect the Allante.  Thank you, John!

With the postponement of delivery, we had a bit of time to kick around in Boston.

Eventually, we got to the car.  Here it is, enroute to Canada, behind the State Capitol Building in Albany, NY.

Second-last step in the U.S., a sign of the times:  a drive-thru COVID test.  All went well.  The last U.S. step was exporting the car at the border.  It “only” took a couple of hours, “only” one violation.

Home again, home again – and time to pay The Man.  Thinking of buying on a U.S. site?  Add about 50% to the closing price:

  • 30% for currency exchange;

  • 13% for HST (or your province’s sales taxes);

  • 5% buyer premium to the auction site;

  • plus shipping or travel – for us, it’s what we do for fun, so we consider this a vacation.

PLUS – Buying an import?

  • Add about 7% for duty.

PLUS – Buying something under 15 years old?

  • Add $325 + HST for to register with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV).

Whew – that’s a lot of administrivia!  (And bank roll.)


.. and so the Allante has made it to its new home country.  And a rare bird it is.  A mere five were exported to Canada originally for the 1991 model year.

And, below are some photos from the Greenfield Auto lot.

Let Us Know What You Think…  post a comment!  Can anyone pick out a model year or other detail we don’t have?

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Nice adventure. You were lucky with the weather.
I did not know there were only 5 of those Allantes supplied to Canada in 1991!

I recall that the Cadillac Allante was featured in an episode of “Married With Children” btw.