Collector Car Canada White Glove Concierge Service
Collector Car Canada White Glove Concierge Program

The Collector Car Canada White Glove Concierge Program is designed for those sellers who want to be completely hands-off in the sale of their collector car(s).  For a contingency fee deducted from the proceeds of a No Reserve auction, we will handle all aspects of the marketing of your car from A to Z.

We take custody of the car from the time you decide to list so it is out of your hands, and off your worry list.  We then handle detailing, a mechanical inspection, photography, videos, the listing, sale and delivery of the car.  All of these are included in our fee, any required mechanical repairs stemming from the inspection are at your expense.

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Shipping expenses to the new owner, if applicable, are at the buyer’s expense – we will assist the buyer with coordinating.

Please contact us (click here) if you would like to discuss your car and the Collector Car Canada White Glove Concierge Program.  Drop us a line here and include your phone number if you would like to discuss that way.

Below, we share a case study on how things went with a seller who used the CCC White Glove Concierge service to give you a sense of what the seller did, what we did and how things concluded – successfully, with the sale of his vehicle and more money in his pocket than he expected.

The Collector Car Canada White Glove Concierge Program:  A Case Study

AlfaDave, a 30-some year member of the Alfa Romeo Club of Canada, came to us in August 2022 asking if we could help sell his restored and modified 1974 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce, a car he had owned for that entire ownership tenure with the Alfa Club.  He was getting on in years and no longer had the opportunity to enjoy the car yet was responsible for its upkeep and storage.  He had decided that after 30 years within which was a comprehensive restoration, it was time to let it go.  He found that he was less connected to his club and that it was not as easy as he thought to find people who would appreciate the car, something that was important to him.  He called on some of his club friends in attempts to sell to a good home but to no avail.  He got to the point where he was willing to give it free to a good home within the club and found no takers.

Enter Collector Car Canada.  We knew we could find a new owner for the car even though, as AlfaDave was completely open about, it did need some recommissioning work to get it ready for long cruises and enjoyment.  Despite this, it was clear that the car was road worthy so we offered to travel to Ottawa to bring the car back to our Toronto headquarters to prepare it for sale.  AlfaDave was intrigued at the idea of a Labour Day ride down to his original hometown of Toronto and delivered it to us.  Once some insider tips were shared we saw AlfaDave off.  Knowing that he was returning to Ottawa by train, we offered a ride to the station but he was making an event of it and off he went to meet longtime friends for lunch.

We set out right away cleaning the car.  The next day, we brought it to a trusted independent mechanic’s shop for an inspection.  The mechanic reported back on the car’s needs and we made sure these were set out.  Now it was time for photographing and videos, which we took care of.  After the car was listed, we accommodated those who requested showings.  We also brought it to four local cruise nights during our time with the car to create a little buzz for the Alfa.  We had a surprise along the way.  The car’s battery was installed approximately seven years prior and it quit while the car was listed.  We had one on hand and installed it without missing a beat.  By the time the following Wednesday came along, our No Reserve auction had concluded at a price that made the seller happy.  Witness the tesimonials from seller and buyer, below:

“I can’t praise CCC enough! You came to my rescue after I couldn’t give away my 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider to other aging Alfisti. Not only did you find a buyer at close to ‘market price’, you gave me the best drive I’ve had in its last five years (of 30) with me.”  – AlfaDave

“Thanks David much appreciated and happy to have done business with you.” – Lawrence

After the sale, we provided AlfaDave with a statement of finances, though he of course followed along online as the auction progressed – transparency necessarily built in to the process.  He was happy with the statement; in fact, he suggested we charge him for some of the items our contingency fee covered (we didn’t).  As luck would have it on delivery day, the car had a nail in one of its tires and we offered to pay for the buyer’s repair.  We made an allowance for this in the statement, reimbursed the buyer when he submitted the expense and remitted the unused portion of the holdback to the seller.

Click here for the listing for the successful sale.

Appendix – Here are the some of the items CCC picked up/spent out-of-pocket, included for its contingency fee:
– Cleaning, detailing – inside and out;
– Cruise night showings (4);
– Delivery to buyer;
– Fuel for Cruise Nights and delivery;
– Photos;
– Videos;
– Collection from buyer, associated banking;
– Transportation back to CCC after delivery;
– Mechanical inspection;
– Boost when battery died;
– Towing; and
– Ship licence plates, provincial plate registration to seller.

1974 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce
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