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Canadian Currency Online Car Auctions


           —  AUCTIONS RESUME IN SPRING 2022!  —

November 8, 2021

Supplementing the message below, know that we continue to update the What We’ve Seen area of the site, including a post today.  We’ll do this once or twice a week.  When we do, we’ll let registered users know with an update – register here!

November 5, 2021

Thank you.  Thank you to the users of the site for making our first year of operations both a success and lots of fun.  From absolute zero, we have built a following of thousands and thousands of viewers every month, with almost as many registered users, most of whom receive our daily updates by email.  It’s time for most collector cars in Canada to be put away for the season, with dreams of an early spring dancing around in their owners’ heads as anticipation builds for that first spring drive.  We might post a surprise auction here and there through the winter – and when we do, we’ll let you know via the updates we send out (register here), though they’ll be more like weekly instead of daily – but the selling season is waning for 2021.  We are going mostly into hibernation to plan ahead for 2022 and come back full force, bigger and better.  The site updates will still be real-time though that will be closer to weekly rather than daily – keep an eye on What We’ve Seen.  Stay tuned as we let you know what we are up to in terms of putting plans for 2022 into action.  If there is anything you would like to see in 2022, email us and use the subject line “Suggestion Box”.  We’ll read ‘em all.
Again, Thank You!

Here is a look back some of our most extreme sales:

Fastest car2007 Porsche 911 997 Carrera Coupe 4S 6-speed manual – SOLD under the CCC Second Chance System for $49,500

Smallest car1998 BMW Z3M Roadster 5-speed manual – SOLD under the CCC Last Chance System for $17,251

Loudest car 1990 Ford Mustang GT Cobra 5.0L Convertible with 5-speed manual transmission – SOLD under the Second Chance System for $13,000


Classiest carNo Reserve – 92K km 1986 Mercedes-Benz 300E Winning Bid: $5,500

Shiniest itemPorsche 911 993/996 Solid Spoke 18″ Turbo Twist wheels, staggered – SOLD under the CCC Last Chance System for $900

Cleanest itemNO RESERVE – PORSCHE “Design 90” OEM staggered set of wheels – 16 x 6” and 16 x 8” Winning Bid: $470

Our favourite auction110K km 1997 Audi A4 5-speed manual 4-door sedan with 2.8L V6 Winning Bid: $3,600

As readers of our daily update know, we really liked the way this Audi auction went.  There were constructive comments from users, there were questions posted in the Comments section and there was a responsive seller who addressed every question, supplementing his answers with new photos and video.  Seller was rewarded with a sale of a car that did not previously sell when advertised in other forums, including Auto Trader (we like to think our viewers are a little more refined than the typical Auto Trader user, having to set up a user account is a start).  In any event, it was a good illustration of how we would like to see the auctions go, and a <<great one>> to finish up with this week.

Hello Fellow Canadian (and Worldwide) Car Buffs.

Good news: The countdown is over, our auctions are live, we have a Canadian-only option in the collector vehicle auction world, Collector Car Canada.

Our bidding system is in place – we have a few fun, not-before-seen and disruptive-to-the-industry features designed to help listings sell, because no one likes a “Reserve Not Met” outcome.  Take a look at our innovative bidding process on our How it Works page and let us know what you think!  We started running our regular one-week auctions Wednesday, June 9 after having gone live Tuesday, June 1 with a very special and rare offering. You will note that kick-off followed Victoria Day by a week, a reflection of our Canadian roots, as well as of June being the unofficial start to the Canadian summer and hobby car season.  We have even started attending car shows!

We offer collectibles, classics, customs, special interest, tuner, niche and vintage – to name a few. If you are thinking of selling and have a vehicle – or high-value, specialty/hard-to-find part – we are now accepting submissions for our carefully curated collection of auction offerings. Have a look at “Sellers”, below, where you will also find a ni¢e di$count on the listing fee for sellers.  Featured external listings are also running – though our auction items are supplemented by a gallery of many more photos and there is more about the item being auctioned, less about the history of each marque. Updates go out via daily email which also keep everyone in the loop with the auction items and featured external listings.  We have basic members, our basic members can comment and like others’ comments with their usernames; fully-registered members, who have submitted credit card information so that they are ready to bid; and zero membership fees.


Submit your listing details now to get your spot locked in – and your discount, of course. We’ll do the writing, design the listing page and be in touch about details to get you your best listing.  To get a sense of the look of our listings, please see our What We’ve Seen page.  By using paragraph form and lots of photos, we make the listings more engaging than a typical newspaper classified ad hinting at a few features.  Consider that the What We’ve Seen write-ups are necessarily limited by the content of the original ads so keep this in mind when submitting your item, and include more photos, of better quality – we would like to feature in the neighbourhood of between 100 and 400 for each of our auction listings.

Buyers/Window Shoppers

Register now for updates and to lock in the $100 discount on your first buyer’s premium, this a limited-time discount we are offering only to our first members. Do it now to ensure your preferred user name. (Think of the disappointment in finding your great idea for a personalized licence plate has already been scooped up by someone quicker on the draw.)

How It Works – Timeline of listing

Seller tip:  Remain engaged through the process, especially during the 7 days of live auction time.  Potential bidders have questions and can post them publicly on the comments section of the listing or directly to you through the “Contact Seller” button featured in every auction listing.  Involved, responsive sellers give bidders peace of mind and more confidence to bid.

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We will secure a Carfax report for your vehicle (1981 and newer).

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Seller questions?  Contact our auction team.

Featured daily external listings – Have you seen an interesting listing or ad on another Canadian website that you think we should know about?  Tell us!  We post some of the more interesting submissions here.

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