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Seller Benefits


Thinking of selling with us?  Here are a few things to consider.

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We are Canadian – The vast majority of our bidders is in Canada.  No waiting on a US site’s bidders to see if they will come for a car in Canada.  (Usually, they will not. Waiting for them was a lesson that became an inspiration for our Founder starting CCC.)

Maximize your chances of selling – Our innovative and proprietary Second Chance and Last Chance systems maximize the chances of a reserve being met.  They also embrace urgency and observe true finality at the end of an auction.

Qualified bidders – All bidders must submit credit card information, so their identities are subjected to our authentication process.  All parties using CCC private messaging go through the same authentication process, unlike anonymous dreamers responding to free online ads.

Don’t leave anything out – Our simple, easy-to-use submission process asks all the right questions and prompts you to share all pertinent information for your car.

Make your car pop – We offer optional photography and videography packages at a nominal charge, our photographer comes to you.  This investment is usually paid back in multiples in the form of a higher selling price.

Hold your car, keep your money – Sellers get 100% of the selling price and collect it directly from buyers.  CCC never takes custody of cars or the money to pay for them.

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