2021 - A Look Back - Collector Car Canada

2021 – A Look Back

Thank you to the users of the site for making our first year of operations both a success and lots of fun.  From absolute zero, we built a following of thousands and thousands of viewers every month, with almost as many registered users, most of whom receive our daily updates by email.

Here is a look back some of our most extreme sales:

Fastest car – 2007 Porsche 911 997 Carrera Coupe 4S 6-speed manual – SOLD under the CCC Second Chance System for $49,500

Smallest car – 1998 BMW Z3M Roadster 5-speed manual – SOLD under the CCC Last Chance System for $17,251

Loudest car – 1990 Ford Mustang GT Cobra 5.0L Convertible with 5-speed manual transmission – SOLD under the Second Chance System for $13,000

Classiest car – No Reserve – 92K km 1986 Mercedes-Benz 300E Winning Bid: $5,500

Shiniest item – Porsche 911 993/996 Solid Spoke 18″ Turbo Twist wheels, staggered – SOLD under the CCC Last Chance System for $900

Oldest itemSet of five 1967 Porsche 911S wheels by Fuchs (Fuchsfelge), “with hearts” and centre caps – SOLD subsequently for $6,200

Cleanest item – NO RESERVE – PORSCHE “Design 90” OEM staggered set of wheels – 16 x 6” and 16 x 8” Winning Bid: $470

Our favourite auction – 110K km 1997 Audi A4 5-speed manual 4-door sedan with 2.8L V6 Winning Bid: $3,600

As readers of our daily update know, we really liked the way this Audi auction went.  There were constructive comments from users, there were questions posted in the Comments section and there was a responsive seller who addressed every question, supplementing his answers with new photography and video.  Seller was rewarded with a sale of a car that did not previously sell when advertised in other forums, including Auto Trader (we like to think our viewers are a little more refined than the typical Auto Trader user, having to set up a user account is a start).  It was a good illustration of how we like to see the auctions go, and a <<great one>> to finish up with in 2021.