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Mobile Pre-Purchase Inspections

Collector Car Canada Inspections Offered by our National Mobile Pre-Purchase Inspection partner, CarInspect.

We are pleased to be offering mobile pre-purchase inspections.  Our partner in this initiative is CarInspect, which has assembled Canada’s largest network of accredited mobile mechanical inspectors.  All pre-purchase inspections will be carried out by technicians licensed in the jurisdiction of the inspection location and, beyond this, trained specifically in pre-purchase inspections by CarInspect.  This offering is mostly with sellers in mind, to erase doubt for potential bidders on their cars and to encourage bids.  Most pre-purchase inspections can be carried out within 2 business days, so this can be executed during the typical auction preparation process.  In the absence of a pre-purchase inspection report appearing on a listing, potential bidders are also able to commission mobile inspections, with the co-operation of the seller of course.

We at CCC will handle the booking process.  Sellers can tick the appropriate box in our standard online submission form and we will set up the pre-purchase inspection once we receive it.  Others can fill in the form below to commission a mobile pre-purchase inspection and, again, Collector Car Canada will do the rest.  (Those wishing a mobile inspection before these functions are implemented on our web site can advise us by completing the contact form linked here.)  Price of this service is $229 + GST/HST rate in the province/territory of inspection.  A list of FAQ’s is included below.

What does the CarInspect inspection report look like?
Can I find out the exact time the vehicle will be inspected?

Yes, you’ll find out once the inspector calls the seller to schedule an appointment. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Will I be kept informed throughout the process?

Yes, the inspection company pledges to communicate with you by e-mail every step of the way.

How long does it take from the time I request the inspection to the time I receive the report?

Inspectors are responsive and once the reservation is made, the inspection company commits to carry out the inspection within 48 hours, from Monday to Sunday.
However, it may happen that the seller is not available within 48 hours, which would cause delay. These situations are beyond inspection company’s control and it disclaims any responsibility.

When do I receive the inspection report?

The report is e-mailed to you immediately after the inspection.

As a potential bidder, can I be on-site with the inspector during the inspection?

Your attendance is not recommended. Here are the main reasons:

– Finding a common availability among the seller, an inspector and yourself complicates the logistics in addition to reducing the chances of finding an appointment quickly.

– It could affect the quality of the inspector’s work. Concentration is crucial for the inspector, and it allows him/her to be rigorous in his/her analysis of the vehicle. The inspection can last up to two hours depending on the type of vehicle.

If you wish to attend, we request you indicate this to us on this contact form.

How is the on-inspection site performed in the absence of a lift?

The inspection of a vehicle does not require lifting it 6 feet high.  Inspectors are equipped to check the lifting points, the frame and the exhaust for rust.
For example, if there is a leak under the vehicle in the transmission, gearbox or differential, it will be diagnosed.  We acknowledge that lifting the vehicle would allow more precise determination the leak’s source.  However, the existence of a leak on one of these components is usually enough to advise against purchase.  The intervention to repair such a leak would cost several thousand dollars.

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