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2021 11 19 Featured External Listing – 1990 BMW 325i Coupe 5-speed manual



2021 11 19 Featured External Listing – 1990 BMW 325i Coupe 5-speed manual



Here is a 1990 BMW 325i Coupe with a 5-speed manual transmission.  Before we go any further, the most important part of the subject vehicle is that it comes with a “rebuilt” title, indicating extensive past damage.  We send kudos to the seller for not only building this into the text of his ad but also including what he states is a photo of the subject collision’s effects. 



CCC Vital Info – 1990 BMW 325i Coupe 5-speed manual

Odometer – 230,000 km
Engine Info – 2.5 litre inline-six, fuel-injected
Transmission Info – 5-speed manual
Exterior Colour – Alpine white
Interior Colour – Grey
Other features – Extensive recent maintenance
Seller – Private
Model page
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a Carfax report reference (1981 and newer); and
a lot number.

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This is the E30 body style of BMW, from the “good old days” when the final two digits of three-digit BMW model names indicated the engine’s displacement.  A 325i, this indicates the car is a BMW 3-series, with 2.5L engine.  The “i” further designates that the engine is fuel-injected – notable in 1990, a given today. 


Those familiar with BMWs would know about the marque’s M division.  The E30 M3 has surged in value in recent years, sales over $100,000 are not uncommon.  While all accept that the E30 M3 has a much sportier profile than this 325i, it is an interesting factoid that the subject car’s 2.5L engine is an inline-six, while its M3 “big brother” is equipped with a four-cylinder.  Peel back another layer of the onion and we find that the 325i’s factory horsepower rating is 168, while the M3s were delivered new with 197 horsepower on offer.



This generation of 3-series is what arguably began the legend, a former mainstay on Car and Driver’s annual 10 Best List.  It has appeared 23 times, second only to the Honda Accord’s 34 appearances, and just ahead of 22 each for Chevrolet Corvette and Porsche Boxster/Cayman.  It followed an E21 BMW, which got the 3-series ball rolling, which itself replaced the venerable BMW 2002 (E10).



To the car at hand – it is an understated Alpine white, freshly painted, with grey interior.  Up front the kidney featured grille is prominent and trumpets that this car is indeed a BMW.  The “bottlecap” wheels are definitely period-correct and suit the car, even if they measure a mere 14 inches in diameter and have only four lugs.  Fog lights announce that the car is well-appointed.  Fender-mounted indicator lights make us think this might be a European import – worth asking the seller.

Inside, there are grey sport seats; they show some badges of honour, which some would call scuffs and wear marks.  While not quite the pedigree of a Porsche sport seat, the BMW sport seats are a favourite of those in-the-know.  Also understated in grey, the seller is offering a swap to a blue leatherette interior, which features heated seats.  This is definitely something to consider if the new owner plans to run this car through the winter.  Another choice for the new owner is whether the car will retain the GReddy three double spoked steering wheel or return to the OEM four-spoker.  A manual sunroof, power windows and power mirrors further appoint the interior.

To the maintenance…  Beyond the new white paint (base coat and clear coat), this car sounds as though it is the beneficiary of extensive recent work, putting us at ease with the 230,000 km reading.  The following parts are all listed as newly installed:  OEM sunroof seal; tie rod inner and ends; upper rad hose; shocks; struts; stabilizer bar end links; lower control arms; lower control arm bushings (aka Lollipops); front pads and rotors; Philips headlights low and high beam; muffler; catalytic converter; and OEM emblems, front and rear.  It has also had an alignment.  Buyer beware and check this out but we sure like the sounds of the list.  One thing we hate to point out but with the unfortunate conditions in BC this week, its cars have to be considered like those in the southern U.S. after natural disasters like hurricanes – be sure you are not buying a flood car.

Find this 1990 BMW 325i Coupe 5-speed Manual on craigslist in Clayton Heights (Langley), BC for $16,000.  Thanks to CCC follower Ben in BC for submitting it.

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