2021 12 17 Featured External Listing - 1985 Mercedes Benz 230 TE - Collector Car Canada


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2021 12 17 Featured External Listing – 1985 Mercedes Benz 230 TE


2021 12 17 Featured External Listing – 1985 Mercedes Benz 230 TE

This 1985 Mercedes Benz 230 TE is an example of a model and body style which have undergone a surge in popularity in recent times as the collector car market remains hot.  This is a European market model – the 230-model name may not be familiar to those of us who have lived in North America all of our lives.  This 1985 model is from a simpler time when Daimler used the first two digits to give a hint as to the displacement of the engine – this car is a 2.3 litre inline four-cylinder.  The “T” relates to the body style, the “E” to its fuel system, for the German “Einspritzung”.


CCC Vital Info – 1985 Mercedes Benz 230 TE

Odometer – 121,000 miles
Engine Info – 2.3 inline-four cylinder, fuel-injected
Transmission Info – automatic
Exterior Colour – silver
Interior Colour – grey cloth, black trim
Other features – Blaupunkt Hamburg AM/FM stereo cassette player, Bundt wheels, roof rack
Seller – Private
Model page
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The 2.3 was known internally at Mercedes as the M102.980.  It is fuel-injected and was good for a definitely respectable-for-the-time 134 horsepower when new.  On this “Touring” (an anglicized version of the German “Tourismus und Transport”, what we generally call a station wagon in North America), it is mated to a four-speed automatic transmission – somewhat rare for the more manual-minded European market.  That tranny sends the power to the rear wheels only.  One detail we couldn’t help but notice under the hood is that the car is running a Mopar battery, the in-house Chrysler brand of parts.  Perhaps someone wanted to pay tribute to the ill-fated Daimler Chrysler merger!


The silver paint is a traditional look for the W123 body style.  Other external accents true to the period are the 14-inch Bundt wheels, the three-pointed star hood ornament and roof rack.  This car also features a large-for-the period sunroof.  The car was treated to a re-paint within the past four years and it should be noted that the photo of the underside shows it to be clean.  Another notable exterior treatment is the Euro bumpers, sleeker and less bulky than their North American equivalents.  A tow hitch juts out from underneath the rear.



Inside the upholstery is cloth.  North American examples would more commonly have seats covered in durable – but not leather – MB-Tex.  A Blaupunkt Hamburg AM/FM stereo cassette player is another period touch while the wood trim exudes prestige and the power windows treat the front occupants to luxury, though it’s manual wind versions for the rear passengers – not uncommon for European market M-Bs.

In our researching the model, we came upon some history of interest on this car.  It appears to have been sold out of Illinois on one of the major US-based online auction sites two years ago.  It then went unsold (reserve not met) out of the Vancouver area later the same year.  The price today is in between the two closing auction prices, which were different by about US$4,000 – reflective of some of the business and market hypothesis behind launching Collector Car Canada – Canadian sellers are much better served by a Canadian-based web site.  “A little look behind the scenes.”

Find this 1985 Mercedes Benz 230 TE in Delta, British Columbia on craigslist for $9,995.  Our thanks to CCC follower Alex for suggesting it to us… we are not sure if he knew about its auction past!  (Alex??)

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If it is as good as it looks, who wouldn’t want to fly out and drive it back to Toronto?!?
Winter weather is a deterrent right now.
Price seems to be quite reasonable.