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2023 01 06 Featured External Listing – 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider 6-speed Manual
1998 Ferrari F355 Spider

2023 01 06 Featured External Listing – 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider 6-speed manual

Featured External Listing – No affiliation with CCC

Here is a 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider 6-speed manual that looks to be in very nice condition.  The F355 replaced the 348 as an offering with a V8 mounted midship, though there was some overlap in production when the last 348 was finished in 1995.  It was succeeded by the 360, which has been surging in value the past couple of years, to the great pleasure of astute buyers.  The 355 was available in Berlinetta (coupe), targa and convertible (Spider) form.  Interestingly, the owner of this 355 is willing to consider trades but only for a coupe – we note a third-generation Pontiac Firebird convertible in the background of one of the photos, in a matching red, so he probably figures he has the convertible base covered.

1998 Ferrari F355 Spider

CCC Vital Info – 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider 6-speed Manual

Odometer – 62,000 km
Engine Info – 3.5 litre mid-engine V8
Transmission Info – 6-speed gated manual
Exterior Colour – red
Interior Colour – tan
Other features – Fabspeed headers, Borla exhaust, Momo steering wheel, recent maintenance
Seller – Private
Model page
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​Finished in rosso – Italian for red – this Ferrari presents in traditional colour for the marque.  The owner makes a point of listing in his ad that the paint protection film (PPF) and a ceramic coating have been applied to the finish.  He also mentions “no accidents” but does not come out and say that the car wears its original paint – we would like to know!  The photos do present the car as near-flawless, both with the convertible top up – and down, with the sharp leather tonneau cover in place.  Five-spoke Ferrari wheels and side intakes give off an aggressive stance.  Period Ferrari-trademark pop-up headlights and double   round tail lights complete the package.  The car is a US-market example, ad states that it came from Ohio in 2019.  The new owner should ensure that he is comfortable with the US instrumentation – 63,000 km is quoted as an odometer reading, though the odometer reads in miles.


1998 Ferrari F355 Spider

Interior continues with the classic Ferrari presentation, tan leather with black trim.  We are often partial to originality though we have to say that the replacement three-spoke steering wheel with airbag suits the car.  (The original steering wheel is included.)  There is a good photo of the bucket seats – the tan leather looks quite good and defies its 30-year-old birth certificate.  In addition to the leather tonneau cover, there is also a custom nylon cover – likely easier to live with day-to-day.  A couple of original accoutrements are mentioned and nice-to-haves:  the leather-bound owner’s manual and leather tool roll, presumably containing the original tools but a good detail to check.

1998 Ferrari F355 Spider

The 40-valve 3.5L V8 was good for 375 horsepower when new and was reputed to emit an F1-style shriek when pushed.  The owner mentions this and is of the mind that it is even more pronounced with the aftermarket Borla exhaust (original unit comes included with the car); tragically, his ad excludes a shot of the powerplant.  This engine needs to be wound up to get that power, maximum horsepower is achieved at a whopping 8250 RPM.  Ergo the shrill sound.  Rowing through the gated six-speed, 0-60 romps could be had in 4.5 seconds.  Owner does mention maintenance and some nuisance Ferrari day-to-day challenges – he sets out “recent” engine-out belt service, battery, fluids and oil change but do your homework on maintenance intervals, time and mileage, before you leap.  Spare belts, replacement Fabspeed headers and Michelin Pilot 4S tires are also noted.

1998 Ferrari F355 Spider

As noted, owner is open to partial trades.  His interests include Lamborghini, Viper, other Ferrari and Porsche 911 – always intriguing to see what a supercar owner’s next interest is.  Find this 1999 Ferrari F355 Spider 6-speed manual in Woodbridge, Ontario on Auto Trader for $133,000.  Seller notes that payment is to be made to his dealer so he likely has his eye on something else and figures he can get more for this car privately than if he trades it in, while enjoying the benefit of the sales tax break in Ontario.  CCC thanks original member Stephan for submitting it.

1998 Ferrari F355 Spider

Let Us Know What You Think!  (We love comments.  Ever owned one of these?  Got a story?  Is anyone tempted to go have a look?)

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