2023 02 10 Featured External Listing - 1992 Acura NSX - Collector Car Canada
2023 02 10 Featured External Listing – 1992 Acura NSX
1992 Acura NSX

2023 02 10 Featured External Listing – 1992 Acura NSX

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1992 Acura NSX

CCC Vital Info – 1992 Acura NSX

Odometer – 99,500 km
Engine Info – 3.0L V6 with V-TEC
Transmission Info – 4-speed automatic
Exterior Colour – Black
Interior Colour – Black and tan
Other features – Installation of Honda OEM parts – updated headlamps, Type-R hood, Honda badges replace Acura. 
Recent servicing
Seller – Private
Model page

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Here is a 1992 Acura NSX which looks to be very well cared for.  It is somewhat unique in that it is equipped with an automatic transmission and has had a few updates with Honda OEM parts, the most noticeable of which is a conversion from the factory pop-up headlights to the style that became standard factory equipment in the 2002 model year.  When the NSX, branded as a Honda in Asia, was released for model year 1991, it was a groundbreaking car.  This car challenged the Ferrari and other supercars with day-to-day usability and reliability, at a fraction of the price.  Part of its performance is sourced in light weight.  While other cars preceded it with aluminum panels, the Porsche 928 and its light-as-a-feather hood comes to mind – the NSX was the first mass-produced car to possess an all-aluminum body.  Its name was derived from “New Sports Experimental”.


1992 Acura NSX

Another changed feature of this car is that the Acura badging has been swapped to the familiar Honda emblems, somewhat a trendy modification to the loyal-to-the-extreme Honda following, more interested in the familiar arms stretched upward “H inside a square” than any premium product implied by the name Acura.  Less noticeable than the flush headlights are the Type R hood (notice the central scoop) and bulbs themselves.  Hard to believe when considered relative to today’s standards, this car originally was delivered with 15” wheels up front (the rears were 1” bigger in diameter).  We would ask if the original 5-spokers are included, the car is photographed with a set of black wheels appearing not to be the stock set, for a monochrome black look.  Paint is described as impeccable – we can not refute based on the photos.

1992 Acura NSX


Inside, we see another modification in the form of the two-tone contrasting seats, also claimed as Honda OEM.  Even more striking to our eye is the automatic shifter as the majority of first-generation NSXs were equipped with manual transmissions – first a 5-speed, then the upgraded 6-speed in MY1997.  With the mid-engine layout, seating is limited to two places.  Even by today’s standards, seats are state of the art for a performance car and spirited driving.  While upscale, the interior is typical Honda – straightforward and all business. 

1992 Acura NSX


The midship engine is a 3.0L V6 good for 270 horsepower and a 0-60 romp in 5 seconds when new.  It has powered the car 99,500 km.  Torque was factory rated at 210 lb.-ft., accomplished at 5300 RPM.  Maximum horsepower is attained at 6600 RPM, these relatively high engine speeds reflect the use of Honda’s variable valve timing system, VTEC, which was employed – admittedly for less power – in period Preludes and even Civics.  The seller in this case has provided photos of both the engine bay and underside – we would term these clean and exceptionally clean, respectively.  The underside shows off the stainless aftermarket exhaust.  Timing is not clear from the ad’s text but the seller also mentions service of the timing belt, water pump, ignition coils, spark plugs, CCU ignition module, brakes, tires and fluid servicing.

1992 Acura NSX

Find this 1992 Acura NSX on Auto Trader in Duncan, BC for $115,000.  Our thanks to CCC member Marc, who lives in Nova Scotia but still found this listing and submitted it.

Let Us Know What You Think!  (We love comments.  Ever owned one of these?  Got a story?  Is anyone tempted to go have a look?)

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I think anyone who enjoys CCC knows that one of the errors we nearly all made, was not buying a used NSX a few years ago at closer to 1/2 this price. Probably still a decent buy at $115k though.