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1969 Volkswagen Beetle 4-speed manual



1969 Volkswagen Beetle 4-speed manual 


This 1969 Volkswagen Beetle has been the subject of a full restoration over the past five years at the seller’s licensed shop.  No expense was spared to execute a complete overhaul and bring the car to original spec.


The exceptional paint job is a period-correct Volkswagen shade.  It is a tribute to chrome blue, Volkswagen paint code 51-K.  Seller reports that when photos were shot, the car attracted the attention of many onlookers, several of whom had a story about their experiences with a Beetle.


CCC Vital Info

Lot – 001
Seller – paddamotors
Seller location – Scarborough, On M1N
VIN – 119677855
Odometer – 37,000 miles; TMU – True mileage unknown
Engine Info – 1500 cc rear-mounted flat four-cylinder
Transmission Info – 4-speed manual
Exterior Colour – Pale blue
Interior Colour – Black
Other features – Complete overhaul, Twin exhaust pipes, Factory instrumentation. Few modifications
Category – European
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Carfax Carfax reports not available for pre-1981 model year vehicles

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The 1500 cc carbureted engine was standard for the North American market and runs smoothly.  The four-speed manual transmission has been upgraded by the seller’s shop with a short-shift kit, modernizing the feel of gear changes and making gear-engagement easier than some might remember.  The transmission sends power to the rear wheels.



Complementing the clean paint, the chrome is very presentable with very few hints of weathering, though condensation is visible within the left front indicator light.  The “pea shooter” twin exhaust pipes are a Beetle standby.  The original style chrome wheel caps posses a bright shine and partially cover black-painted 4 x 130 steel wheels.  New tires were installed as part of the restoration.  As shown in the gallery, much of the glass is original, an exception being the windshield.  All original badging is in place and reflects light with lustre.



The 1969 model is considered a good year by Beetle collectors.  A prominent reason for this is that it is the first year for IRS on the Beetle, independent rear suspension.  It is also the first year for a remote fuel door release and the last for the wide headrests and the teardrop-shaped front indicators.


Black vinyl interior is in particularly good original condition with the only shortcoming being a small perforation visible near a lever for fold-forward function.  The two-spoke steering wheel features a period horn control on an inner half-circle and displays the famed Volkswagen Wolfsburg logo.  Window cranks operate the door windows as designed and vent windows are also functional.


Front seats finished in black vinyl provide easy ingress/egress and provide effective vision out from the greenhouse, passengers are protected by three-point seat belts while the matching rear bench is equipped with lap belts.  Steering wheel shows no cracking, and the pedals display the VW logo.  Instrumentation is basic.  There is a speedometer centred within the rim of the steering wheel.  A fuel gauge is incorporated within, something that became standard on the full Beetle line in 1965.  Much of the dash is finished in chrome blue, the exterior colour, to provide contrast to the black surfaces.  Another contrast is the wood-look door of the glove box, fore of the front passenger’s seat.


The engine bay is featured in the gallery.  While the engine does show some signs of its 52 years, the air filter and oil filter are clean.  Belts, hoses and ignition wires show no signs of wear and are malleable to the touch.  Distributor cap also shows little sign of wear.  Engine starts readily.



Since the gallery photo shoot, the seller advises that he has replaced a window crank, a missing door lock topper and blanks in the dash with correct grommets.  Seller reports he has documentation for the restoration, an invoice for an extensive parts order is included in the gallery.


1969 Volkswagen Beetle 4-speed manual

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CCADave June 8, 2021 1:59 pm $3,500
Captain June 8, 2021 1:58 pm $3,200
Arios June 8, 2021 1:02 pm $2,300
Captain June 8, 2021 11:30 am $2,200
david3 June 7, 2021 1:57 am $2,100
hondaguy June 3, 2021 12:40 pm $1,000
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July 15, 2021 update – Thank you to users for your understanding as we worked through this situation.  At this stage we are happy to report that we have gone through a couple of auction cycles (currently, our auctions run one week – from Wednesday to Wednesday) with the Second Chance System and Last Chance System working as designed.  We have even had a sale through the Second Chance System, proving its value.  While both systems’ uniqueness make them valuable from a business perspective – just ask the seller whose car sold under the Second Chance System – this same attribute made it more of a challenge than most for the developers in the I.T. office.   Thank you again, CCC users.

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June 23, 2021 update – After an exhaustive review, our I.T. team determined that the hiccup experienced June 8 was attributable the front-end of the auction system (the graphics we see) not properly communicating with the back-end of the system (the guts making things work).  No one wanted this to happen in our first auction but if it ever were to happen, this is when it would.  While our I.T. team has spent countless hours to resolve and it is confident that today’s Reserve auction will conclude as intended, there is a back-up plan in place for the Second Chance system.  Bidders, at ease.

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June 9, 2021 update – We at CCC acknowledge that the auction did not end as pledged, with our automated Second Chance and Last Chance Systems.  For this, we apologize and are working to prevent a repeat in future auctions.  We also worked with the highest bidder on the Second Chance System in the circumstance, please see his fair comments about how we handled.  We are investigating in an I.T. review, the results of which we will share.

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Had a great call with @collectorcarcanada this afternoon. I definitely feel for them, first auction hiccups were not the way they wanted to start out. We had an open discussion about the actual bidding process issues, and best steps forward considering the issues.

For the record, and anyone reading this post auction, my issue was I couldn’t get a bid to register until a few tries (with time running out) and once the auction ended, it wasn’t clear how the “reserve not met” steps would occur. I understand another user, with whom I would have likely ended up in a bidding war, says they didn’t see my bid. I can’t confirm or deny that, as my computer showed everyone’s bid instantly as they occurred and my iPad (which wasn’t logged in, but beside me) showed my bid and the counter reset. It was a nail-biting final two minutes for me as I knew I’d be well below the reserve, but wanted that “first chance” to buy at the reserve.

Collector Car Canada was very receptive to me sharing my thoughts on what I felt were issues with the original listing, and how they as auction house could have done more to improve the presentation of the vehicle. We had a great open discussion about the responsibilities of the auction house and of the seller, and things to improve moving forward.

Based on the technical issues of the auction, and being a business owner myself, we discussed whether or not the car could be re-listed at a future date, and the problem of one individual knowing the reserve and whether that would be fair or not. So, tossing the ‘rules’ aside, I was honest with what I believed the car was worth, what I’d be willing to pay as presented, what I’d be willing to pay if the photos I requested of the heater channels were provided to me, and how high I was prepared to spend if I had gotten carried away in a Vegas-at-the-table type ‘mistake’. I then trusted Collector Car Canada to make an honest assessment if we’d be close to a deal, and whether the reserve price should be revealed. I asked Collector Car Canada to honestly assess, from what I had shared, whether they thought we (seller and I) could make a deal or not. If not, CCC could keep the reserve or other information private.

Ultimately, I won’t be buying the car at this time. CCC has my information, and knows I was serious about buying and what I’d be using the car for (hint: Google my user name and you’ll see I wasn’t going to leave it as sold!)

Overall, I think the only thing @collectorcarcanada could have done better once the timer ended would have been to reach out to myself and @Captain first, and their I.T. team second. But in the heat of the moment, on the first auction, I can appreciate the thought that they needed to confirm the details before reaching out. No hurt feelings from me.

@paddamotors if you want to re-list the car with no reserve, I will absolutely be bidding and fighting off anyone who wants to try to beat me!

I don’t care what your time stamps tell you. I placed my bid and sat watching the screen. Your system never registered another bid. I assumed I had won until I received your e-mail telling me that that someone else had won. There is something screwed up with your system. You totally wasted my time because you failed to ensure that your system worked.

@Captain – We have to go by the time stamps on the bids and they indicate you were not the highest bidder. Unfortunately, there can be only one such person and we will work with him for a fair resolution, subject to his constraints and given the circumstances.

@CCADave – a fair request, we will be in touch privately about this subject to results of investigating with I.T.

I had the highest bid and watched everything until the time ran out. I likely would have paid the reserve unless it was way out of line. This was a complete waste of my time.

*Waiving the 2-min requirement.

@collectorcarcanada at this stage, I’m waiting for the second chance reserve offer. Given that I’ve been here for an hour, but need to leave for errands, I expect you’ll be waiting the 2-min requirement, as I cannot be expected to be available all day during the work week without interruption.

@Captain, @CCA-Dave – thank you for the fair comments. We are investigating with our I.T. team and will share the results.
@Captain, the foul language you included with the now-removed comment violated guidelines for Comments and we were thus obligated to remove it.

@Captain I agree, the auction system here is definitely flawed. I couldn’t get my bid to register from 2:45 to end of auction, all the way to 20sec left. It finally registered.

It took 30min for @collectorcarcanada to update the page that the reserve wasn’t met, and no one has contacted me about the “second chance reserve offer” mentioned in the FAQ. Once that offer is presented to me, I apparently have 2 minutes to respond. Well, it’s been 49min since the end of the auction…how long am I expected to sit around and wait? What am I waiting for, an email? A private message? A comment here? No idea, and nothing in the FAQ or anywhere on the website.

You likely could have reached your reserve if your system worked properly. Completely wasted my time and did a disservice to the seller.

So even your discussion board is filtered. I posted a negative comment about the way the auction was run and it gets removed. I understand that there may be bugs to work out but hiding things is a sign of poor management.

Six further photos have been added to the gallery: wiper switch, fresh air controls as mentioned earlier in the Comments, a window regulator and two new window cranks. While the fresh air box and ashtray are not photographed, they will be in the car on delivery day.

53 photos have been added to the Gallery, detailing the restoration in 2018/2019.

Listing copy has been updated for what seller mentions about non-original wheel covers. Seller also advises that the car’s origin is Washington state; he is not sure about the originality of the seat belts (they are 100% functional – necessarily the case, given the Ontario Safety Standards Certificate that comes with the car); and the tail lights are Euro-spec, the originals are seen in the pre-restoration photos.

@paddamotors that’s me, Dave from Classic Car Adventures. I figure there is no point in hiding my identity too much! Excellent response to my comments, and looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos. I could always use an Ontario based beetle for use on our Maple Mille event…and this one has caught my eye.

To be clear to anyone else reading the comments, in no way was I trying to suggest your work on the restoration wasn’t excellent, just that the listing as originally presented needed some improvement.

Your comment address my concerns, and I believe the upcoming photos will complete the process. I’m holding off my bids until I see the additional photos, but if you know my username you know I’m rather picky when it comes to Beetles. I do suspect, however that I’ll be having some fun with the bid box in the next 21 hours.

What I don’t have in Ontario is a shop of my own, so we may need to discuss implementing my preferred suspension setup before it leaves yours (if, I’m lucky enough to win it…)


@CCADave – Thanks for the comments. I am the seller and have admittedly delayed on a few details on the listing so I am glad that you have raised these points.  If that is you using the same username on other sites, I can tell that you know your stuff and your points come from a credible, knowledgeable VW person.  

I own a licensed shop and the car is sitting there, inside, right now.  We service a range of enthusiast cars and it is not uncommon to come by and see, say, four 911s – some air-cooled – so this Beetle was right in our wheelhouse for the restoration.  Further, the shop foreman drives a custom Beetle as his own hobby car, and has for many years.  Tomorrow, I will end my procrastination and get the car on a lift for some underside photos.  The camera will snap floor pan and heater channel photos among other spots.  No problem there.  
On the restoration, we approached it from the perspective of getting the car to near-original condition, in which it currently sits. It is not ALL ORIGINAL and unfortunately not currently a Concours winner but if that is the goal of its next owner, the heavy lifting is already done and the focus needs to shift to details..  Details, details, details – the domain of the Concours judge.

You’re right, the wheel covers are not original.  I described them as original-style and something was lost in translation – @collectorcarcanada – please update the copy for this.
The wiper switch, fresh air control and ash tray were on a delayed parts order, very frustrating when a photo shoot is scheduled.  All arrived since the photos were taken and are being installed, they will be complete, tested and ready to go before the car is delivered to its new owner.
You’re right about the headliner, it is not original.
Today, I supplied many photos of the restoration process to @collectorcarcanada.  You’ll see the heater channels and fresh air box once they are uploaded.

We didn’t crop or edit any photos so we are not sure about your frame of reference there.  The photos are a fair and realistic reflection of the car’s condition and are presented as captured by the photographer for-hire.  They do include a couple of minor flaws, all are pointed out by you and/or Collector Car Canada, which has actually made a big effort to bring this listing to live.  (Thanks to Dave there for helping with the listing.)

My shop is in the GTA – click on the postal code in “CCC Vital Info” for exact location – and anyone who can make time to visit for a look-see between now and auction-end is more than welcome.  Please click the “Contact Seller” button and we can make the necessary arrangements.  Thanks again for the comments, please let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.
For Ontario buyers, the car will be delivered with an Ontario Safety Standards Certificate.  The 1969 Ontario licence plates included with today’s photos are included and can be used on the car once a presumed Ontario owner makes the appropriate arrangements with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO).
I trust that covers it.  Let’s see those bids!

Chassis pictures are a must, especially with an older VW like this. Having owned a couple of early Bugs, a 412, a Myers Manx and a VW Thing the chassis photos will tell the tale.there is still time to add these and have no doubt they were suggested by the Auction Site.

I really wish these new online auction houses would make an effort. Hubcaps are decidedly NOT original, as listed…which begs the question, what else is wrong?

Overall, it presents like a nice example. But there aren’t enough photographs to tell the real story. No undercarriage photos? No floor pan or heater channel photos? Buyer beware – you need to see far more than what is being shown to know if it’s a good car or not. None of the common rust areas on a ’69 have been photographed and presented.

On a quick look, I see that the seat belts are from a later model. Dash is missing wiper switch, fresh air controls and the ash tray. Fresh airbox is missing from the front trunk, which means trunk area gets wet with rain or washing. Black headliner isn’t stock (white would be stock), and some of the photos suggest the install is questionable. The list could go on.

Lots of oddly cropped photos to build an emotion, but few photos to actually show off the car and allow for an assessment of it’s true condition and value.

Bottom line: FAR more photos are needed to know if this is a car worth buying.

Great colour

Beautiful bug. You sure don’t see many of these up here.