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1978 Honda CBR 750-K Four Motorcycle


1978 Honda CBR 750-K Four Motorcycle

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Collector Car Canada is pleased to offer a benchmark motorbike in the form of this 1978 Honda CBR 750K Four.  This bike has covered 74,000 km and retains a highly presentable appearance.  As motorcycle aficionados would realize, many of these have been well cared for because they are so well-liked by their owners, many of them long-term.  What makes this one different?  All documentation since purchase by the original owner in December 1977 is on hand and will be given to the new owner.



CCC Vital Info – 1978 Honda CBR 750-K Four Motorcycle

Lot – 036
Seller – whaletail (Private)
Seller location – Waterloo, On N2J
VIN – 2824626
Odometer – 74,000 km
Engine Info – 748 cc four-cylinder, carbureted
Transmission Info – 5-speed manual
Exterior Colour – Black with gold and red accents
Saddle Colour – Black
Other features – All documentation of history since new on hand, 40-year original owner, New tires.
Category – Japanese
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Carfax N/A for motorcycle

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The 750 Four had a long run over several generations from the 1969 model year through 2003.  It is the motorcycle recognized as that representing the standard upright riding posture.  It is often referred to as the original Universal Japanese Motorcycle (UJM).  This has a four-cylinder engine which produced 67 horsepower at 9,000 RPM when new.  Through a five-speed manual transmission, the chain drives the rear wheel.

There are four carburetors and the bike features the last single overhead cam (SOHC) layout offered in the storied CBR.  With four valves per cylinder and the 509-pound curb weight the powerplant could get the bike up to 200 km/h when new.  Braking comes from double discs up front and a drum in the rear.  Suspension is in the form of front telescopic forks and two spring/shock units on the rear swing arm set-up.  New tires are installed on the bike, they are Dunlop D404F – 100/90-19 in front and 130/90-17 in the rear.

This motorcycle was in the hands of the original owner for approximately forty years.  He sold it privately to a friend who was familiar with the bike’s history.  This second owner sadly passed away soon after and the current owner, who knew the second owner and is still in touch with the first. took over custodianship.  He has serviced the bike recently and it is ready for enjoyment by the next owner.

The gallery shows extensive photos of the motorcycle, both with and without the wind fairing by SHOEI installed.  While the wind fairing serves a functional purpose, the bike’s beauty is on better display with it removed.  It will be included when the new owner collects this Honda.  Also on display in the gallery is a selection of all of the documentation since new still on hand.  The first such piece of documentation featured is the original purchase agreement from Ajax Cycle, whose dealership sticker still appears on the rear fender.  Other documentations included in the gallery include service records, correspondence between original owner and Honda Canada, Honda brochures insurance documentation, various safety literature and cleared cheques – clearly from another era in banking.  Again, this is a mere representation.  All documents are on hand.

Early on in the bike’s history, the original owner had trouble with corrosion in the exhaust system.  This has been replaced by an aftermarket system by Jardine Headers, documentation is on hand.  Keen eyes will note one exhaust pipe on each side of the bike, while the original brochure (#87 in the gallery) shows two on the right side, which were matched by pair on the left.

This 1978 Honda CBR 750-K Four Motorcycle is available from the third owner in Waterloo, with all documentation since new on hand.

1978 Honda CBR 750-K Four Motorcycle

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Oh and the peak horsepower rating for this bike is 67 not 77…lol

Knowledgeable owners also know it came with 4 exhaust pipes (2 each side) not just 2 on the right as stated. I apologize if I misread your listing, but to me it implied there were 2 on the right side only instead of 1 each side as shown.

Ok its time to win a hat with your comments.. me I sold a dining room set in 1981 and bought a new 750k with jammer , bags and an alpine stereo at the time. A great ride and unlike my old 70 Triumph I just pushed a button to have it for up. I see it has the CVMG decal on it. Ride a classic MC then join up they have ride, advice and some get together for breakfast.. still Truckin On..Al