Blog Post - Some of Our Favourite BMW 3 Series
2023 10 30 Blog Post – Some of Our Favourite BMW 3 Series
2022 BMW M340i

2022 BMW M340i Xdrive

2023 10 30 Blog Post – Some of Our Favourite BMW 3 Series


Today, we take a closer look at the BMW 3 Series, an automotive icon that has defined the luxury compact sport sedan segment for decades. From its inception in the 1970s to the latest modern iterations, the 3 Series has been synonymous with an effective blend of performance, premium, and technology. Car and Driver’s annual Ten Best list is a conspicuous reference in the Automotive World, the 3 series has appeared 23 times, fourth among all marques and only one behind both Porsche Boxster/Cayman and Chevrolet Corvette.  This article takes you on a journey through the evolution of the BMW 3 Series, highlighting its engineering excellence, driving dynamics, and its enduring legacy as a driver’s car. Whether you’re a Bmer dedicated enthusiast or simply intrigued by the world of automotive excellence, this article offers a comprehensive look at the enduring appeal and innovation that has made the BMW 3 Series a benchmark in the automotive industry.

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2001 BMW 330 SEDAN

2001 BMW 330 Sedan:
The 2001 330 Sedan remains a well-regarded automobile, known for its blend of performance, comfort, and classic BMW styling. This sedan belongs to the BMW 3 Series, which has been a staple in the luxury compact car segment for over 40 years. The 2001 model year retains the reputation of the series for precise handling, a smooth and responsive inline-six engine, and a well-appointed interior. With its standard rear -drive configuration, this E46 Sedan offers a sporty driving experience, supported by a balanced chassis and responsive steering. Inside, it boasts a refined cabin, showcasing quality materials and ergonomic design. While it may lack the modern technology features of today’s cars, the 2001 330 Sedan remains an appealing choice for those seeking a timeless and understated luxury sedan experience.

2011 BMW 335Is Convertible

2011 BMW 335is Convertible:

The 2011 335is Convertible, offered by BMW, is a notable entry in the luxury convertible segment. It maintains the core characteristics of the BMW 3 Series while incorporating some performance enhancements. Under the hood, you’ll find a turbocharged inline-six engine that delivers ample power and torque, ensuring an engaging driving experience. The retractable hardtop roof, a first in the E93 for 3-series, provides a comfortable and quiet cabin when raised and the exhilaration of open-air motoring when lowered. With its precise handling and well-tuned suspension, the 335is Convertible strikes a balance between sportiness and ride comfort. Inside, the interior is elegantly appointed, featuring high-quality materials and advanced technology. While the 2011 model may lack some of the modern features found in more recent vehicles, it remains a respectable choice for those seeking a refined and enjoyable convertible driving experience without excessive extravagance.

2012 BMW 328i Sport Line Sedan

2012 BMW 328i Sport Line Sedan:

The 2012 BMW 328i Sport Line Sedan represents a refined and balanced approach to luxury compact sedans. Under its hood is a turbocharged 2.0-litre inline-four engine that offers an impressive blend of power and fuel efficiency. This sedan’s sporty handling and rear -drive architecture make it a driver’s car, with precise steering and responsive dynamics. The Sport Line trim adds sportier aesthetic touches, enhancing the vehicle’s appearance without excessive flash. Inside, the cabin is characterized by high-quality materials and a driver-focused layout. The 328i offers a comfortable ride while maintaining the brand’s reputation for driving enjoyment. It strikes a fine balance between elegance and performance, making it a compelling option for those seeking a practical yet engaging driving experience in a premium compact sedan.  We do have a 2012 Sport Line on offer by auction this week, please click here to have a look.at our detailed listing.

2022 BMW M340i

2022 BMW M340i:

The 2022 BMW M340i represents the current generation of 3 Series, the marque’s line of compact luxury cars known for their balance of performance and refinement. The M340i distinguishes itself with a robust 3.0-liter inline-six engine that delivers strong acceleration. This sedan’s handling is precise, and it benefits from rear drive or available xDrive for enhanced traction. Inside, there is a comfortable and well-appointed cabin with high-quality materials and modern technology features. The M340i’s design is understated, reflecting BMW’s emphasis on sophistication over extravagance. It caters to drivers seeking a blend of sportiness and comfort without venturing into the ostentatious, making it a competitive choice in the luxury sport sedan segment.


2022 BMW M340i – courtesy BimmerPost

2001 BMW 330i – courtesy AutoBlog